10 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

If you fly, it indicates the need to achieve your desires. Where do you go and how do you get there? Are you going through any difficulties in your life? Flying dreams recharge when we wake up. A sense of freedom and being able to do anything.


Water often represents emotions. It symbolizes purity and purity. Dreaming of a waterfall is a great sign of a new beginning.

If you saw a waterfall in your dream, ask yourself: Is this waterfall big or small? How are you handling your obstacles? Is the waterfall in a dark jungle or a beautiful beach?

  1. TEETH

A very common dream is a dream about teeth. Pulling a tooth means that something must come out, a rotten tooth – holds fear and anxiety. But dreaming about falling teeth is the most common of all dental dreams. They often symbolize new situations and cause stress (new job, fear of loss, lack of power or lies in a relationship)

When you see your teeth in your dream, ask yourself: How do you feel about your teeth? How are we feeding our lives?

  1. DEATH

Dreams of death are more common than people admit. It suggests illness, and dreams of death often represent the end of something. Death is the end of the ego parts. Death of anxiety and danger. Situational death. It is the death of an idea that allows it to be born. To dream of death symbolizes a great emotional change.

If you see death in your dream, ask yourself: Where are you dead? Did you have a loved one? These dreams can be guidance from a loved one who is trying to provide comfort.


Being pregnant in a dream symbolizes great growth and development. It can be directed towards future projects and aspirations.

If you imagine pregnancy in your dream, ask yourself: What are you trying to create? What changes are you experiencing in your waking life? Are you possibly pregnant?

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