10 Signs That You Have In Your Body (and how to remove them)

How do you know if your body (and mind) needs a detox?

To honor my body, I try to do a detox every couple of months, even if I don’t think I need it or feel like it before I start.

By day 2, it became clear that I wasn’t living as optimally as I thought I was, and needed a reset.

Mild anxiety, erratic BMs, runny nose, and foggy head are always signs that my detox isn’t living as optimally as I’d like.

Of course, when something gets a little off and I know I need to reboot, even though I think I’m “all good,” detoxing has helped me see that I’ve often put up with minor things. get irritated when it’s not necessary, or I was so used to nosebleeds, greed and restlessness, (whatever) I thought they were normal (!)

Most importantly, I’m always glad I took time for myself and my health.
That’s why, in addition to my quarterly detoxes, I host an annual Detox Challenge group.

It’s a great way to start the new year off right, and it’s a lot of fun to do it with friends and other people and make it a social thing.

I’ve also created a brand new Detox Meal Plan for 2019 with all new recipes!

You can pre-order the Detox Plan as a PDF here or get it free in the App when you start your membership.

The Detox Plan will be available in the app (and downloadable if you purchase the PDF version) on December 30th.

We will begin as a community on Wednesday, January 2nd. If that’s too early for you, that’s okay, there will be a second chapter starting Monday, January 7th.

So will you join me and my body in our annual Detox Challenge? Check out the 10 signs below to find out!

10 Signs You Need to Detox

  1. Digestive tract load.

Digestive problems are a major red flag that your body isn’t working properly.

If you suffer from bloating, diarrhea, constipation or other stomach issues, detoxing can do wonders for you.

A week of super healthy, simple plant-based meals will help your body relax and hit the reset button on your digestive health!

  1. Uncontrollable food cravings.

Our bodies and brains have been stolen by the sugar and fast food industry.

Even the tiniest bit of candy can throw off our hormones and make us crave junk food and sweets all the time.

My sugar-free, hormone-harmonizing detox will help you reprogram your body (and brain) and kick your food addiction once and for all!

  1. Weak and tired.

It is not normal to feel weak, tired and exhausted all the time. It can also be a sign of adrenal fatigue.

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