4 out of 5 couples say Facebook is one of the main reasons for divorce. This is because people spend more time on the Internet than talking to each other. Moreover, to be happy partners, the time spent together should not be measured by mere hours. It should be quality. You can use these tips to make it happen.

Bright Side wants to share our ideas for evening activities together that will help you become a happy couple.

  1. Cooking and eating together
    Cooking together has many benefits, including equality, learning, memories, and more. When you cook together, you can share your tricks, reminisce about childhood favorites, talk, and experience your bond as a partnership. Both of you are involved in the meal preparation, no one is tired of spending hours in the kitchen, and no one feels like they have to do everything alone.

After that, if you have prepared dinner, it is useful to eat it together. It will improve your intimacy and improve your mood. While sharing a meal, you can interact with each other, feel a connection, and share plans and ideas.

  1. Talk about the good of the day
    One of the steps to getting a good night’s sleep and having a healthy relationship is to avoid stressful and anxiety-provoking discussions. The reason for this is that the heart rate may increase and tension may occur. Even if it’s not a great day, you can always find something positive and let your partner sleep without worry.

A simple question about something good that happened during the day can change your mood and help create positive emotions. It’s also a great opportunity to bond with your partner and get to know their life outside of the home.

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