Sperm cells provide the other half of DNA to the offspring, so they are an important component of reproduction. We’ve all come across sperm rumors that are so weird and unbelievable. Hold your horses and get all the facts about sperm here. We have compiled for you a list of 7 facts about sperm cells and their production that you did not know. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how important they are in shaping human life.

  1. Sperm stick for more than two days

Depending on how favorable the conditions are, it can live in a woman’s body for up to five days. Cervical mucus in a woman’s body creates favorable conditions for the survival of sperm cells. It protects the sperm and helps it stay close to the ovary.

  1. Male and female sperm cells are produced in the same way

There is no difference in the chance of producing sperm with X or Y chromosomes. Although statistics show that the male-to-female birth ratio is 1.05, which means that about 51 percent of newborns are boys. It has nothing to do with the ratio of male to female gametes produced. This is due to the fact that the female sperm containing the X chromosome is longer and heavier than the Y chromosome. Because the Y chromosome is about one-third the length and weight of the X chromosome, this weight delays the time it takes to swim to the egg.

  1. It takes ten weeks to produce sperm

It takes up to 75 days before ejaculation. It first forms in the sperm, moves up to the epididymis to mature, travels through the veins to the seminal vesicles to mix with semen, and then through the prostate to add more fluid, and then the sperm is ready to be released. This whole process takes up to two and a half months.

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  1. A man’s body never stops producing sperm

A woman is born with all the eggs she will have in her ovaries for the rest of her life, but this is not the case with a man. A man’s body never stops producing sperm. Although DNA breaks down with age and the number of sperm may decline, a man’s body produces sperm throughout his life.

  1. Semen and semen should not be interchanged

Semen and seminal fluid are not the same terms and refer to two different things. Sperm cells are the carriers of DNA that fertilize eggs, while semen is the organic fluid that carries sperm. The energy needed by the sperm cells in the female body is provided by the fluid contained in the semen, such as the seminal vesicles.

  1. Exercise affects sperm count

Exercise has been shown to improve sperm count and quality. Young men who exercise regularly have 73% more sperm than those who don’t. Excessive exercise can reduce sperm count.

  1. Men should ejaculate regularly to keep sperm healthy

Research has shown that men who ejaculate four times a month have better sperm quality and quantity. In rare cases, ejaculation can reduce the number of sperm, and very often, the quantity of sperm can be reduced, but the quality remains the same.

Bonus fact: Even dead sperm can produce babies

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The sperm is the carrier of the other half of the DNA inside the egg. Even when sperm cells die, they can still help create a child, because the only thing left of them is their DNA.

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