People perceive depression as sadness, crying and wearing black clothes. But people are wrong. Depression is a constant numbness. You wake up in the morning and go back to sleep. Feeling tired all the time. I believe we’re stuck in a really superficial generation where we post pictures on Instagram every day but don’t talk to friends and loved ones for weeks because I’m busy. As time went by, the differences between people grew. 1 out of 3 people in our generation suffer from depression and to be honest there is no single cause, but research shows that loneliness has a similar effect.

There are millions of posts and quotes about depression associated with Lana Del Rey’s song, painting almost anyone who is depressed on social media. But today we will break the stereotypes that have been created for depression. Today we bring you 11 unbelievable habits of depressed people.

1-They are talented and expressive creatures.
I’m not saying that being bored makes you talented. What I am trying to say is that depressed people are very expressive when given the opportunity and freedom to fully express themselves in certain areas. The world is blessed with some of the most beautiful gems like Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and Bill Hicks. It breaks my heart to say that they were all soldiers fighting depression. Maybe it helps them feel things more deeply, and that’s exactly how they look at work.

2-Thinking is not an option for them.
Their minds are a messy place. They are constantly swimming between ponds of thought and it does not stop. No matter what they do.

3-They have high defense mechanisms.
They have really high walls that prevent anyone from touching them. Depressed people can hide anything. They hide their emotions very well.

4-They have a sense of purpose.
They ask everything and do everything under their control to find answers. This is often alarming, but they need to know this.

5-They can unmask.
They are great at hiding their emotions. This is what depression does to you. It forces you to wear a mask; But they stick one in your face. The mask lasts so long that sometimes you forget what it looks like.

6-They secretly cry for help.
We all need a shoulder to cry on now and then. But for those who are depressed, the cry for help is very silent. They never ask for help, but they need it the most.

7-They don’t have a specific time to sleep.
They have very unusual sleeping patterns. Sometimes they stay in bed all day. Sometimes they don’t sleep for a week.

8-They have abandonment issues.
When someone tells them to stay here, they never fully believe it. They are very emotionally insecure.

9-They have their own backs.
They solve their problems by themselves without asking anyone for help. They have their own backs.

10-They have a habit of eating strange food.
They can go without food for a whole day, but sometimes it happens. It is said that your emotions influence your eating habits.

11-They are always ready for the worst.
They are ready for anything. But that doesn’t mean it hurts less.

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