1. Only 1% of your hands smell. Yes, even that little girl that no one had heard of except everyone within a 1000 mile radius. 99% of this waste was odorless gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and methane. It remains 1% of odorous species and hydrogen sulfide. And considering how bad your farts smell sometimes (just admit it), hydrogen sulfide is a pretty powerful substance!
  2. Some foods make your poop smell worse than others. Eating foods high in sulfur, such as eggs and meat, will make you smell bad because that food breaks down and produces hydrogen sulfide, or rotten egg gas.
  3. Women’s farts smell worse than men’s farts. Hard to believe but true. Although women and men produce the same amount of gas, Dr. Levitt’s study found that female bees consistently had higher concentrations of hydrogen sulfide.
  4. You probably don’t fart as much as you think. Oftentimes, people complain to their doctor about excessive gas, but you’re probably just imagining things. These people are often told to go home and record their atrocities in a diary. Flatologist Michael Levitt, MD, finds that for most of these people, daytime boredom is normal (see #5) and “they just have to let their ‘normal’ go.”
  5. Most people fart about 14-22 times a day. Yes, if anyone says you don’t get stuck, they’re lying. Or something seriously wrong…

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