The health of your eyes should be a priority, so try to make an appointment with your eye doctor from time to time. We carry 14 signs your eyes are giving you regarding your health.

eyebrows disappear
If the outer third of the eyebrows begins to fade, this is a sign of thyroid disease.

A step that will not go far
If the boil doesn’t go away for more than a month or recurs in the same area, it can be a sign of an unexplained cancer known as sebaceous carcinoma. Visit a doctor.

Burning eyes/blurred vision when using the computer
This is “computer eye and visual syndrome” (CVS), and the bottom line is due to a lack of evaluation of the laptop screen and brightness, and increased focus on pixels.

A small blind spot in your vision, with flashing lights or a wavy line
This is the radiance of a migraine. You will notice a migraine or a slight headache.

The whites of the eyes turn yellow.
This type of condition is known as jaundice and occurs when you have liver disease or problems with your gallbladder or bile ducts.

eyes look swollen
This condition is stimulated with the help of the thyroid gland, this condition is called hyperthyroidism and the thyroid gland was very active.

Sudden double vision, blurred vision, vision loss

Is poor eyesight inevitable in old age?
Well, that’s not true, but our modern lifestyle (Study: Computer Systems) can damage our eyes and vision if we don’t check regularly. However, there are many measures you can take to correct the physical condition of your eyes, including a diet plan. And people over 60 may need additional treatments if they smoke, are obese, have diabetes, or spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

Iridology – Your eyes are a reflection of your health
Iridology looks at the iris of our eyes and alternative health practitioners use techniques. This is based on the idea that 17th-century sources indicate a deep connection between the eyes and the general physical condition, more specifically, the eyes interfere with our internal health.

This theory is based on positive attention patterns, eye color, spots and shapes, and the iris is carefully studied and combined with iris diagrams within the technique. These charts help the iridologist identify potential damage and fitness issues.

Natural strategies to protect healthy vision
Here are unusual approaches to protecting your eyesight from vision damage as you age:

stop smoking
cardiovascular care
normalize blood sugar
Eat fresh dark green vegetables, mainly beets.
Consume plenty of omega-3 fatty acids
Avoid trans fats
Avoid aspartame

Antioxidants – the best for your eyes
Antioxidants neutralize unstable free radicals in our body, which are considered risky. It is also a hazard to your eyes! Here is a list of some antioxidants that will help your system:

Black currant anthocyanins

Lutein helps your central vision
Lutein and zeaxanthin are found in high concentrations in the macula and are thought to perform the first functions, the main function being to absorb excess photon energy and the second being to quench unstable radicals before they start breaking down lipid membranes . In our eyes, lutein is mainly concentrated in the macula, and this is the important part of the retina responsible for central and immediate anterior vision. These antioxidants are also found in green vegetables, yellow and orange corn.

Astaxanthin: powerful protection against forms of blindness
Astaxanthin is a good protector for our eyes as it is valuable to many as it is a carotenoid for eye health and prevents blindness. Astaxanthin also helps control eye fatigue and supports eye energy and visual eye care.

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