2 Apples, 1 Lemon And 1 Cup Of Oats, Prepare To Lose Size Without Any Control

The smoothie I’m bringing you today is all natural and has 3 great, active ingredients that are essential for weight loss and weight loss. This ingredient helps alkalize your body, remove cholesterol, flush out toxins, and protect against strokes and heart attacks.

Let us know that one of its main ingredients is apple, although there are many people who believe that eating fruit will make you gain weight, but this is not true, because fruits do not make you fat, besides, abundant consumption is its pillar. Any weight loss done in a healthy way must be proven.

Therefore, any fruit, including bananas, should be included in the diet, it is very sweet, but interesting because of its diuretic effect, but some fruits help to lose weight, among them are apple greens.

Why does green apple help you lose weight? Green apples contain interesting and rich nutritional ingredients, and it is precisely from these ingredients that this fruit brings all the properties that it brings to a weight loss diet, and we know what they are.

Green apples provide a lot of fiber in the form of pectin, which is essential for two reasons: it helps regulate intestinal motility, and it helps control appetite through its satiety effect.

Lemons are full of anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties which help our body to get rid of all kinds of diseases.

In addition, the large amount of fiber in lemons is able to flush out all kinds of toxins from our body.

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