4 reasons why you need to pee in the shower all the time

Urination is one of the healthy daily habits of humans, and God has instructed mankind to urinate to rid the human body of many toxins and diseases that affect the kidney. Many people consider it a disgusting habit that causes a lot of controversy.

We know that the habit of urinating is always in the toilet, so this place is dedicated to every house and house, but many people ignore the importance of urinating while taking a shower. Get yourself up and take a shower.

Importance of urinating in the bathroom:

1- Urinating in the bathroom and standing under hot water will remove and disinfect the wound. It dates back to ancient times when deep wounds were cleaned with urine. human health.

2- Urine prevents the spread of bacteria and infections, so it helps prevent many diseases.

3- One of the benefits of urinary water is that it helps to cure many skin diseases, psoriasis, eczema, and skin rashes caused by many diseases.

4- One of the biggest benefits of peeing in the shower is that it contains antiseptic agents that kill bacteria and fungi that affect the feet. Foot urine effectively disinfects the feet and eliminates foot infections.

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