9 things men don’t find attractive in women

Some women change their outward appearance in hopes of becoming more attractive, and some believe that what they do actually makes them more attractive, so what do men think? There are some things men don’t like about women, and you’d be surprised!

Dry / oily skin

Madam, you need to know your skin type and take good care of it. Moisturizing your skin is very important if it is dry, and use oil-free products if you have oily skin.

dark lips

If you use darker shades of red, you may unintentionally stain your teeth, which can make you appear unattractive to your partner. So be very careful.

Lots of perfume

you know what?! A little fresh mist is enough when applying your perfume! Although too much of it will annoy the guy. Make sure to apply perfume on your fingers, neck, and behind your ears, not on your clothes.

Excessive hairstyles

Ladies, this is very important – the use of products that enhance the volume of your hair as well as accessories should be kept within reasonable limits, men love all types of natural hair and most importantly it is not overly colored or styled.

Too much makeup

Women think that men love makeup and this is not true, especially if the makeup is heavy or colored in an extreme or bold way. Use materials that suit your circumstances and avoid intense colors.

False eyelashes

Have you ever heard a guy ask a girl to do eye makeup? This is not true, men love long and natural eyelashes.

Glossy makeup

bright makeup? Instead of bright colors and shadows, try using matte makeup, as men like it.

White teeth

We all know that white teeth are unattractive, and it’s not just for men. Maintain the most attractive oral hygiene by visiting the dentist regularly and eating a healthy diet.

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