If you have this plant in your home, you will never see mice, spiders and other insects again!

To date, scientists have classified about 1.5 million species of organisms on the planet, and insects make up about two-thirds of that bounty, researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Insects are often seen as a nuisance to humans, but they play a huge role in our world and 90% of all living things are insects, so they are very important.
The most important role of insects is to help decompose organic matter. They are also among the most important pollinators of plants of ecological and economic importance.
All this aside, insects are not something you want to see anywhere near you, especially in your home.

Here is a safe way to get rid of insects and rodents. It’s not like the over-the-counter pesticides, but it’s just as effective, if not more effective.
This all-natural repellent will leave your home smelling clean and fresh.
What you need is fresh mint, an aromatic plant valued for its medicinal properties and refreshing scent.
How to use it?
The preparation method couldn’t be simpler!
What you do is brew a well concentrated mint tea. Store this in a spray bottle and spray every corner of your home, especially door corners and window trims. If there’s one thing bugs can’t stand, it’s the smell of fresh mint. This natural insect repellent will keep all kinds of insects, as well as rodents, away from your home while providing your home with a fresh scent.

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