PSYCHOLOGIST WARN Never Use These 5 Phrases When Talking to Your Child

Schizophrenia is a disorder characterized by a lack of empathy for others, an inability to feel true empathy and self-compassion, as well as lying, arrogance, and unrealistic emotions.

According to the data provided by psychologists, between 1 and 4% of the world’s population is considered to be schizophrenic, and schizophrenic traits in a person can be so hidden that it is difficult to detect them.

The American “Bright Side” website says in its report that it studied psychological research, and discovered about eight signs of insanity, and that you discover if a person is insane, all you have to do is focus on dealing with the problems of others.

They have no emotion
Psychologist Scott Boone says that psychiatrists can’t tell if someone is sad, but they can mimic any emotional response, so if a psychiatrist feels someone is sad, they can offer comforting words, a hug, or a hug. . . . , but none of these behaviors would be visible on the face of a psychopath.
Numerous studies have shown that psychopaths have no idea what people feel when they feel fear, and one female killer confirmed this when interviewed by doctors, who said, “I don’t know what those facial expressions mean, but I feel wind.” You know that these are the marks on people’s faces when I look at them.

Psychiatrists can’t tell if someone is depressed, but they can simulate any emotional reaction (Getty Images).
Psychiatrists can’t tell if someone is depressed, but they can simulate any emotional reaction (Getty Images).

They don’t sleep well
Some studies have shown that most psychopaths sleep less than normal people, usually sleeping four to six hours a night, and this is due to the fact that they are always happy, so it feels good to feel relaxed and sleep well.
The difference with normal people is that psychopaths don’t feel emotionally exhausted when they don’t get enough sleep.

They feel happy making others feel guilty
Psychopaths do not admit their mistake, but rather slander others and present the situation in such a way that others feel guilty.
For example, you may be encouraged to break the rules and then blamed for doing so, and a psychopath will often provoke you into exhibiting certain behaviors that show others the worst parts of you, simply because they enjoy doing it.

They have a gentle personality and love to observe
The site adds that psychopaths have nice personalities and love the topic of conversation, and like actors, psychopaths wear a mask that makes them look friendly to gain everyone’s trust, and when they meet new people … make them think they have more, while praising them and taking an interest in their lives. After all, psychopaths want to like you so that they can manipulate you more easily in the future.
The psychopath lies in manipulating others and getting what he wants (Getty Images).
The psychopath lies in manipulating others and getting what he wants (Getty Images).

They can be very devoted
Psychopaths are often demeaning and abusive, and in any case they will seek to achieve useful things for themselves, while bragging about their achievements and talking about the failures of others, providing an opportunity to appear better than they really are, and thus attract more attention.
They always lie
The psychopath lies in order to manipulate others and get what he wants. He usually has an alibi in each case. In addition, the psychopath often blames others and never himself.
It is also known that psychopaths snooze when they lie successfully and do not get upset when someone realizes that they are lying, because they are able to come up with a new lie that explains the situation before they are questioned.

They don’t take responsibility
Psychopaths do not admit anything wrong with their behavior and often refuse to take responsibility for their actions and their consequences. They may be quick to blame someone or they may say that this is the only possible solution in this situation and that they cannot find any other solution. . . . .
Psychopaths (Getty Images).
Psychopaths (Getty Images).

Rules are always broken
Breaking the rules is one of the most common symptoms of psychopaths, psychopaths are often very selfish and don’t follow the rules because they think they are better than any rules, they break the rules and encourage their victims to do so as well as they are able to do so. Disclaimer of responsibility for their actions.
Internet trolls are psychopaths
And the site reports about this mouth

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