The feminine behaviors that men only love

Although men and women are the same type, sometimes, they may seem to be from completely different planets. Men do some things that women are completely baffled, and vice versa. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some things that men do that drives women to the wilderness, and there are some things that women find fully resisting. Of course, everyone is different and everyone has different proverbs and hates when it comes to their partner, but in general, many men are charmed by a similar set of behaviors.

It is often the things you do not think, or the things you assume may bother your leg more than anything else. However, there are some female behaviors that hit a man in the feeling, although they may look completely slight for you. They are just things that they consider distinctive for women, these intoxicating magic creatures that attract their attention day after day.

Below is 15 female behavior that loves men completely – if you notice that your man turns into a blessing next time you dismantle one of these, you must warn, your powers are greater than you think!

When your head is buried in his chest
This is a kind of winning mode. Women love this step because they make them feel safe and protective – like anything in the world can make a mistake as long as you are in the chest of your warm and comfortable partner. Men love this because they feel like a great and strong protector, care for their partner. In addition, it’s the perfect opportunity to hit your hair and get a good whiff of the scent of intoxicating shampoo. Although men are washing their hair regularly, there is something about the way the smell of the woman’s hair that appears to be captured. So, the next time you want to bury your head in its chest and escape the world a little, do not feel guilty – he enjoys it as much as you are.

When you smile – because of him
For many women, there is a sense of humor in or near the top of the list of qualities they are looking for in a man. After all, if you find someone who can make you smile and laugh, even in the most difficult times, life will definitely be much easier. It turns out that men like to make women smile and laugh as women like to find a man with a great sense of humor. Nobody wants his partner serious and bad around the clock throughout the week – they want someone who can relax and enjoy from time to time, and if they are the ones who raise a smile or laugh, even better. In addition, it is a completely clear sign that you spend a great time with them and enjoy their company, which is always a nice batch.

When you get out of your tight clothes
I have finished working for today, or you have returned home after a successful historical night, and you have one thing in your mind – removing the small black dress or a pencil skirt and turns into something in reality that allows you to breathe and comfort. Therefore, the volatile process begins with your tight clothes. In your mind, it looks like a clumsy elephant, and hopes that your partner will be dispersed and not watch your show. Well, it turns out that he might distract your attention – by you! Not, we are not only talking about the fact that he wants you as much as possible, although this is also true. He loves to have an inner peek, to see all your crazy curves, and know that you are comfortable for you, well, comfortable around him.

When you hold you to verify it
We all passed at that moment where, when a man focuses on something else and does not really pay attention, do not hesitate to rotate about what it is in the dream boat and completely verify it. Then, suddenly, his look at you and you realized that you were beaten. Now, it may not seem like a big deal for you – it’s not as if you were embarrassing, because you are completely free to check your partner, but you ignored it and smiled. For him, though, it is a really great deal – although it might look great and collect from the outside, and may give you just a small smile to inform you that he saw, from the inside, pumping and telling himself that I still understand.

When you bite your lips
For many women, biting a slightly unconscious gesture may be something they do when they are nervous or dispersed. For others, it is an indispensable tool in their flirting arsenal, something they use to attract the attention of a man. Whatever your personal position on biting the lips, there is one certain thing – the man may be completely drunk due to behavior. I mean, just think about it – when you bite your lips, you seek attention to your mouth, which causes him to think about kissing you. This makes him wonder what ideas revolve around your mind – and if it could be naughty ideas about them. It completely draws men, so if you want to pick up h

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