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We all have our own mechanisms when we’re on our period, whether it’s curling up in a hot tub, getting our period, or eating a family-sized Galaxy bar. are our periods getting worse? We talked to doctors, gynecologists and personal trainers about what to avoid during your period.

Don’t skip meals, fast
If you have more frequent breaks, it’s important to stop fasting during your period, says Kelly Mulhall, MD, nutritionist and founder of The Natural Balance Hormone Balancing Program. “For many women, especially those with heavy periods and heavy bleeding, the loss of iron, which transports oxygenated blood around the body, causes energy levels to drop during menstruation. “It’s best to eat three meals a day, two liters of water, and fruit if you’re low on energy to keep your energy and blood sugar levels low.”

Don’t use a hot water bottle – sorry!
An active hot tub is one of the first things we reach for when we’re cramping, but it can actually make things worse. “Using a hot water bottle can damage the connective tissue that holds your body’s muscles and helps your skin regenerate,” says menstrual care brand BeYou. “Holding a hot water bottle by the fascia softens it and then hardens as it cools down, which means you’ll need to use more heat the next time to get rid of the contraction.” A good option is joint pain relief without the use of heat.

Don’t be a slave to your workout schedule
Your menstrual cycle, especially the week of your period, has a huge impact on your physical activity. “Adjust your training schedule based on how you feel and listen to what your body is telling you,” says Rachael Penrose, trainer at national fitness studio F45 Training.

If you feel heavier and weaker, then you are not expecting it. “When you get your period, your belly alone weighs eight ounces and four ounces,” says Naomi Gale of Ohne, an organic tampon brand. Keep this in mind and avoid prolonged and strenuous exercise such as high-intensity exercise, long runs, and sprints. “High-impact workouts use up too much of the energy you’re missing during your period,” says Rachael. “Instead of running, walking or doing low-impact HIIT is a great solution. The bottom line is, if you’re feeling light-headed, tired, and your body is saying no, stop. Take a nice warm shower, read a book—your body is doing a lot of work there.” work, so you can exercise on another day.”

Don’t go down
If you don’t do yoga, it’s probably not on your to-do list. If you do, you might skip inversions like shoulders, headstands, and arms, says Victoria Woodhall, vinyasa flow yoga instructor and GTG editorial director. “There’s no evidence that inversions during your period are harmful, and they don’t put healthy people at risk for endometriosis, as is sometimes said,” she says. “But in the first couple of days of your period, it’s good to support what your body is trying to do, which is to get rid of things, so don’t fight it with gravity. “If I really wanted a reversal, I wouldn’t hold off so long. Just remember that your balance might drop a little when you get your period.”

Go easy on vigorous workouts and core routines, she adds. “You don’t want to add extra cramping to that area.” Instead, focus on creating space in your abdomen, such as the prone butterfly/cobbler pose. “Lie down, bend your knees, place the soles of your feet together, and relax your knees to the sides,” he says.

Do not wash the genitals excessively
It can be tempting to wash your bottom when you’re on your period, but avoid overzealous cleaning. “Excessive washing of a woman’s sensitive areas can compromise vaginal microbiome levels,” says Kelly. “Just a gentle bath in warm water should be enough to keep it clean and fresh. Even intimate soaps can be too harsh and kill the natural bacteria there and cause a reaction. If there’s an unpleasant odor, it’s an overgrowth of bacteria and yeast like thrush and BV.” worth investigating, we recommend Gallinée’s Fragrance Free Cleansing Bar, £10, which is rich in lactic acid to support the vaginal microbiome.

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Skip your regular latte
A good cup of coffee may be one of life’s greatest joys, but don’t drink caffeine when you’re on your period, advises Callaly gynecologist Tania Adib. “Caffeine makes the pain worse because it constricts the blood vessels.”

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