3 Reasons Why Men Love Beautiful Plus-Size Women

Social media treats these ladies unfairly, but dating a larger woman is something most men have ever thought about. If it’s not okay to date women, why are men so excited to date them? With the help of our friends at Fatflirt, we’ve gathered 5 interesting facts that prove men are happier when they date a chubby girl. These facts will help you get to the bottom of the mystery.

  1. Scientific fact: Men like to date curvy women
    The number one reason why men like to date larger women is because they like curvy women. Various studies have been conducted in the past that show that curvy women have certain tendencies in men’s thinking. When you look at the images that people choose to represent the goddesses of fertility and love, they are usually very lithe, plump women with big, noticeable curves. Because men like women with big breasts and big hips. Apparently, it is not only an indicator of fertility, but also intended to attract men. This way, they will have children with women who are big and strong enough to survive the ordeal of childbirth. This may sound a little contrived, but it is the reality.
  2. Psychological fact: Men are more relaxed when they are under stress next to curvy women
    Another reason why men like to be with curvy women is because they feel calmer when they are stressed around a bigger woman. This means that even when men are in a bad mood, they feel better when they have a curvy lady by their side. But it took some time to discover the reason behind it. According to psychologists, men associate the curves of a woman’s body with the image of a mother. Most women who give birth have a pronounced curve as a result of body changes. Therefore, men have curvy spouses who remind them to love and support their mothers when they are under stress. Some people condemn this as Freudianism, but the bottom line is that men enjoy interacting with these women and gain psychological support by including them in their lives.
  3. Emotional Fact: A chubby girl will accept you for who you are
    Society tells men that they shouldn’t be upset about their own shortcomings as human beings. They think they are too short, too hairy, or too handsome to date a woman. However, study after study shows that chubby women are more likely to accept a man for who he is instead of wanting him to change. Men know this and will choose women with less-than-ideal bodies, at least according to social context. As a result, men will be dissatisfied with their imperfect bodies because they are being accepted by someone else. Also, since the person does not have a perfect body, they feel better about the situation. In general, it’s a great idea for men to be with someone who accepts them, and even more so if the woman is also curvy.

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