7 plants that children can grow with your help

Gardening is a wonderful hobby for all ages. If you have a small garden, you and your child can plant various flowers and plants together and reap some benefits. First, gardening is a great bonding activity. It will take you off the screens and back to earth, nature.

Is your child not happy with fruits and vegetables? Help him cultivate himself and watch how his interest in him develops as he becomes proud of his efforts and curious about the results.

1. Sunflower

Sunflower is the happiest of summer flowers and a great plant growing lesson for children of all ages. You don’t even need a lot of shade for them – you should plant these giant flowers in direct sunlight after the frost season is over.

2. Daisies

These cheerful little flowers come in so many sizes, types and colors that one of them is sure to delight your baby. According to experts, your child will appreciate the speed at which they sprout and grow, as well as the fact that he will be able to cut them when they are ripe and display them in an indoor pot.

3. The yolks

Marigolds are bright, vibrant and even edible flowers. Kids will love their unique looking seeds and the fact that you can grow beautiful flowers and use them in foods like salads. You can even use marigolds in herbal oils and DIY projects, which provides another quality activity to engage with your child.

4. Dill

Dill is an ideal plant for children to grow because it loves to be watered freely. This is great for eager little gardeners who might overdo the garden hose or sprinkler. Dill can also be used to flavor many foods once harvested, including soups, breads and salad dressings, giving you lots of fun kitchen projects with your little one.

5. Pansies

They come in many colors, but as cute as they are, pansies can be a little whimsical. These flowers are an easy option for gardens with mild summers and winters. If you live in an area with friendly winters, give pansies a chance and let your child choose from several varieties.

6. Green salad

Why go to the store to buy lettuce when you can grow lettuce right outside your door? Children can easily learn how to grow this leafy vegetable that grows in the sun.

7. Mint

Mint is incredibly easy to grow. In fact, it can be a little too easy, as it often gets out of control. It smells wonderful and can be used in cooking, in essential oils, etc. Plus, its small size and receptivity to minimal care make it a great choice for children.

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