8 benefits lentils can have for the body

Lentils are part of the legume family and are considered one of the richest sources of protein along with soybeans, beans and peas. Due to its precious nutritional properties, the fabulous vegetable must not be missing in our daily diet.

Nutritionist Florin Ioan Bălănică recommends introducing lentils into our diet, as it has many benefits and is easy to cook. Here’s what the specialist says for What’s going on, doctor?

  1. Lentils are an excellent source of minerals, such as phosphorus, iron, zinc and magnesium. They play an essential role in homeostasis of the osteoarticular system, in tissue regeneration and in the formation of red blood cells.

  2. Those who want to lose weight should consume lentils, because they provide the body with important minerals, B-complex vitamins, complete proteins without fat.

  3. Lentils have hypocholesterolemic properties due to their fiber content.

  4. Soluble fiber can also help stabilize blood sugar levels. Overweight people, at increased risk of metabolic diseases and diabetes, should consume lentil preparations, which can help balance blood sugar levels.

  5. Furthermore, the soluble fibers form a gelatinous substance in the digestive tract, favoring the transit and secretion of bile.

  6. Lentils increase the energy level in the body by replenishing the iron stores. Menstruating women are at risk for iron deficiency, which can be compensated for by consuming lentils during this period.

  7. Thanks to its zinc and magnesium content, lentils stimulate the immune system and accelerate wound healing.

  8. Through its sanogenic properties, lentils can participate in increasing attention and memory capacity.

How can we prepare lentils?

Before cooking, the lentils must be carefully selected and washed. If we want to cook it, we use 300 grams of lentils and a cup and a half of water or vegetable soup. Various spices can be added during boiling: herbs, garlic, ginger, turmeric or onion, depending on your preference. Salt is added after boiling to prevent it from softening too much. I recommend tasting lentils while they are being prepared, to avoid turning them into a pasta and not being able to use them in salads or other dishes with rice, quinoa or other vegetables. Lentils can be consumed after boiling, either in the form of soup, prepared with rice or vegetables or they can be added to salads in various combinations, with olive oil and spices.

Lentils are available all year round. At the time of purchase it is advisable to choose the one with firm and not stained grains.

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