9 common underwear mistakes women make and how to avoid them

Shopping for underwear and finding the right bra takes time. And you are always between comfort and beauty. What should you consider when buying underwear?

Here are some common mistakes every woman makes when shopping for underwear like panties and bras.

Underwear that fits your body shape The truth is, you already know what type of underwear doesn’t suit you, and even if you want to wear it, you don’t want to. Why make something beautiful that is not so beautiful? Pear body shape should wear lace shorts, curvy women should wear high underwear.
Underwear Fabric Never wear tight cotton or lycra lace underwear. And they should never wear silk. This will create roughness and destroy the sleek, smooth look you’re aiming for.
Bra Size The myth that wearing a small bra will make your bust look fuller is just plain silly. First, it shows that you are wearing something too small, and secondly, the seal reduces blood flow, causing discomfort and itching under the back and breasts. If you want bigger breasts, invest in a lift!
Suits Here are some similar tips for buying a suit. Don’t buy clothes that are too tight because you will look stupid and show more skin, especially during the day when you are sitting and you will feel uncomfortable during the day, not to mention the harm that tight materials can have on your body and health. misalignment, itching, and decreased blood flow.
The color of your underwear should match the color of your shirt, skirt, and pants. If you don’t want to make an impact by wearing a red bra under a see-through black striped shirt… However, follow this advice for everyday situations.
Don’t wear a bra around the house like you would outside. Furthermore, don’t wear a bra at all! If you feel like you’re naked just by wearing a shirt or blouse, wear a sports bra to help relieve breast and back pain.
Your underwear material should always contain at least 20% elastin. 100% cotton material is the healthiest and most comfortable material to wear, but it lacks elastin and is short-lived. These clothes wear out faster.
Matching bras and panties You might think this is a “special occasion rule”, but I always tend to wear matching bras because, from a different perspective, you’ll always have the same color underwear in the washing machine. ! Otherwise, you will have to wait for a pile of dark or white clothes … Your everyday underwear should be your “sleepy pants”. Never wear too much silk or lace as it can irritate the skin and cause discomfort.
Favorite panties It has been proven that the favorite panties of men and women are pants, but they are bad for the vaginal flora, so they should not be worn every day.

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