9 Things MEN Don Not Find Attractive in WOMEN

Women seem to notice anything “wrong” with another woman. They can easily spot any make-up disaster, bad hairstyle or tacky outfit. But what about men? Will people who understand nothing about fashion and femininity notice that a woman is ugly?

The answer is yes. Most men know when a woman is trying too hard not to pull something off. 10 things they hate the most:

  1. Too much hair

A woman came into the room with hair extensions and bobby pins in various positions. You’d think she’d get the attention of all the men at the party. Will it attract attention? Yes, but I doubt anyone would want to approach the rat’s nest for any reason other than to see what they’re holding. Most men prefer long, loose, soft, silky hair instead of sticky hairspray or hard gel.

  1. Masked face

The foundation is used to hide blemishes, fine lines and blemishes. However, it should be applied in a thin, even layer, in a shade that matches your skin tone. Applying too much can make your face look like it has a layer of mud on it. When applied correctly, no one can say that it hides the imperfections on your face. Remember, less is always more.

  1. Sticky eyelashes

You know when a woman uses too much mascara, her lashes stick together and turn black every time she blinks. There is nothing attractive about this look. Use a good quality mascara that dries quickly and doesn’t smudge. After application, use an eyelash brush to remove excess lashes. Men like beautiful, expressive eyes without dark circles.

  1. Too much glitter

Unless you’re a professional makeup artist, it’s best to stick with matte shades. They adhere better and are less likely to be concentrated in the crease of the eyelid.

  1. Yellow teeth and bad breath

Yellow teeth and bad breath are not attractive to anyone. If you are struggling in this area, you need to understand that the source of the problem may be poor hygiene. Alternatively, you should cut back on coffee, black tea, red wine, or quit smoking. Either way, try adding whitening toothpaste and floss to address the source of the problem and brighten your smile. Inhaler sprays or sugar-free lozenges also help a lot.

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