Baia Mare: A woman received chicken soup with everything for lunch from the hospital where she gave birth

There is an investigation at the Emergency County Hospital in Baia Mare after a mother was given a vegetable soup for lunch in which you see a piece of chicken meat with feathers. The woman who was admitted to the neonatal ward fell ill instantly.

A year after an intense campaign to change the menu of Dr. Constantin Opriș Emergency County Hospital in Baia Mare, a new scandal has arisen regarding the food served to the sick.

At lunch, a mother received a vegetable soup in which she found a piece of chicken that had not been stripped of the feathers.

The hospital management is looking for the culprits to see how this situation could have happened.

Manager George Alexandru Oros admits that part of the fault lies with him and believes that a hospital-wide staff assessment is needed.

We recall that an investigation was also carried out last year, after the report presented by the County Council of Maramureș following the control carried out at the hospital unit at the food block, a report that contained serious irregularities.

However, no public data on possible sanctioned persons was provided. The menu has improved significantly since then, but other complaints have also appeared in the public space.

Author: Mica Švab

Photo source: video capture

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