Because chicken soup has healing effects for colds and flu

We are in the season of colds and flu and one of the most important things to keep in mind if we get sick after the drugs is nutrition. During colds and flus, the body weakens and we need, more than ever, nutritious and nutritious foods.

Nutritionist Mihaela Bilic explained in a post on her Facebook page why common chicken soup has so many health benefits when we have a cold.

“Chicken soup for the soul … and for the cold.
Whether the hot soup heals the soul remains to be seen, as the title of a bestselling book suggests. But it sure does well when it comes to the flu and cold. I can’t tell you how a plate of food ended up traveling the world and being adopted by many cultures as a therapeutic remedy. The grandmothers in America and those in China had talked to each other, had chicken soup become a universal panacea? If it is different from the soup, is the effect the same? Is the recipe important or does it work for any variations on the same theme? It can also be with tagliatelle or noodles, do flours also contribute something? Scientists cannot explain the medical mechanisms through which the beneficial effects are manifested, but there are concrete results: chicken soup relieves nasal and respiratory congestion, helps to unblock the throat and nose affected by colds and flu. “Mihaela Bilic wrote in her post.

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Then he continued the message with a brief history of this miraculous food, called “chicken soup”.

“Since the 15th century, chicken soup has been mentioned and illustrated in world folklore as a remedy for the sick. For Jews this hot broth takes on a spiritual significance, the pearls of yellow fat floating in the soup symbolize future happiness at parties. and anniversaries. After World War II, chicken soup rose in popularity, although its curative mystery was not elucidated. It wasn’t until 1978 that a certain Marvin Sackner tried to prove that chicken soup was more effective. to relieve nasal congestion compared to drinking hot water or tea. In 1980 Irwin Ziment shows that the same chicken soup contributes to the reduction of mucus secretion from the lungs, the amino acid cystine present in meat is responsible for this effect. After 20 years , Stephen Rennard states that by reducing mucus, chicken soup helps decrease the activity of white blood cells, which are responsible for inflammation. “added the nutritionist.

Mihaela Bilic also explained in her post how chicken soup and all its ingredients affect our body.

“After centuries of struggle, the truth prevailed and it was finally accepted that the famous chicken soup could have an anti-inflammatory effect, beyond the cultural beliefs and popular myths that promoted it. Not to mention that the meat juice it is nutritious, easy to digest and stimulates the appetite, very important aspects when you have a cold and you are not in the mood for life. structure has a rapid action of stimulation of the respiratory glands, thins the mucus in the bronchi and increases the secretion of liquids (runny nose, water eyes). All the heat goes away, we sweat and the viruses die. Nothing is more natural than fever and sweating when it comes to the defense of the body, the increase in temperature is the mechanism by which our body defends itself from the infectious agents that have caused the disease (viruses cannot withstand more than 38-39 degrees Celsius) “concluded the nutritionist.

At 48, Mihaela Bilic is one of the most popular psycho-nutritionists in Romania.

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