Borscht Soup: The Truth About This Combination

Borscht soup is a “miracle” for health. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what benefits it has on our body.

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Borsch soup it is probably the healthiest dish. Find out in this article the benefits of borscht soup and an extremely tasty recipe for beef borscht soup!

Soup is a popular and at the same time traditional food both in Romanian homes and on restaurant menus.

The elderly say that soup and soup alike ward off colds if they are hot, cool if eaten cold, hydrate and energize the body with health.

Borsch soup. The advantages of borsch

The therapeutic power of borscht also derives from brewer’s yeast that helps fermentation, an ingredient that contains vitamins of the B complex, vitamins D and H (biotin), enzymes, minerals in easily assimilable forms (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus), as well as vital trace elements for health, selenium, but especially chromium. The borscht or juice resulting from the maceration of wheat bran also contains a complex of vitamins B and C, minerals, essential amino acids and carbohydrates.

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soup with borsch

Borsch soup. This food, usually used in soups, has multiple health benefits. Being a natural product, borscht is very rich in enzymes.

Nutritionists recommend the borscht cure to revitalize the entire body. If you want to be in shape, drink a cup of borscht 15 minutes before each main meal for 20 days. After a seven-day break, the treatment can be repeated.

If you have liver or gallbladder problems, drink a cup of borscht on an empty stomach 15 minutes before a meal. To make the therapy more effective, half a teaspoon of wormwood powder is added to the cup of borscht.

Borsch soup. Healing qualities and pharmaceutical action

Borsch soup. Little known in Western countries, among Romanians (the Russians are also masters of borscht therapy) there are many traditions related to the purifying and energizing virtues of this liqueur, considered miraculous in many areas of the country.

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soup with borsch

In the Bucovina region, for example, before entering fasting and before festive meals, all dishes and cutlery were rinsed in borscht and then blessed with the sign of the cross, so that “all evils were washed away”. In popular belief, boron frees babies from their eyes and restores their appetite.

Borsch soup. Conditions for which it is recommended

The greatest fame that borscht has earned is that it has the ability, as yet unexplained by science, to wake people up from drunkenness. In addition, it removes all the symptoms of alcohol intoxication (hangover), being an unparalleled remedy in this direction.

It is perfect for chronic respiratory diseases: bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, adjuvant in tuberculosis, alcoholism, indigestion, vomiting, chronic fatigue.

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Why is it good to eat borscht soup?

Beyond the opinions and stories of grandparents, the human body needs fluids for hydration and ease of digestion, and soups are the fluids that bring together all the vitamins and minerals in vegetables.

soup with borsch

Borsch soup. In preparation, both soup and soup require easy-to-obtain basic ingredients. They cook right away and watch how, with little or no effort, you unwittingly fight diabetes, asthma or even cardiovascular disease, especially when eaten hot. In addition, a soup with a lot of borscht has a very good effect on the immune system.

Borsch soup. Look at soups and stews as a tasty medicine

Soups and soups generally complement the consumption of tea, for example, and other fluids needed for hydration throughout the day. A plate of soup contributes to the two liters of recommended liquids to drink daily.

Instead of forcing yourself to drink half a liter of water in the evening, it is better to replace it with a bowl of soup, which hydrates you and also does not make you fall asleep with a hungry stomach.

soup with borsch

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Borsch soup. The spinach soup prevents anemia in children, the cabbage soup slims down, while the onion soup is recommended for those with blood clotting disorders.

Lentils are ideal for growing children and chicken soup with vegetables is a complete and nutritious meal. In addition, the latter has anti-inflammatory effects, one of the important symptoms of colds, thins mucus secretions, relieves congestion of the nose, lungs and throat.

The benefits they bring to health make these liquid preparations a real medicine, more special, with taste! And it gets really tasty when some spices are added, just as needed, to bring out the natural flavors of the vegetables.

Borsch soup. At any time of the day!

Heavy meals make us inactive for a while because they require the whole body for digestion and weaken our tone. Fatty preparations are too concentrated to be considered consumer foods at any one time. Only those rich in liquids are suitable for anyone, at any time of the day.

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Borsch soup. They are low in calories, easy to digest, and the easiest way to get the nutrients you need. From the temperature at which it is consumed, different effects are obtained, heating or cooling, according to

soup with borsch

As for meat in soups, it also has its advantages: bones and marrow that are cooked for a long time in water release precious minerals in a form that is easily assimilated by our body. So, you don’t have to exclude meat from your recipe, even if you are on a diet. In addition, any vegetable soup has an antioxidant effect and prevents constipation.

Recipe: sour beef soup with borscht

This is the easiest way to make a traditional Romanian beef soup, flavored with borscht and served with a delicious cream.

Borsch soup. ingredients

  • 500 g of beef
  • 2 medium potatoes
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 medium celery
  • 1 parsnip
  • 2 peppers
  • a handful of green beans
  • 3 tablespoons of tomato paste
  • 3 tablespoons of leustean
  • 3 tablespoons of oil
  • 300 ml of borsch
  • salt (to taste)

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Borsch soup. Method of preparation (8 servings)

Cut the meat into cubes and boil it in water with a little salt. Periodically skim the meat until the soup remains clear.

Meanwhile, chop the vegetables (you can grate them or cut them into cubes).

Fry the finely chopped onion in 3 tablespoons of oil, add the carrot, celery and parsnip. After 1-2 minutes, put all the vegetables (with the oil) into the beef soup, along with the diced potatoes, according to

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Borsch soup. After 25 minutes, add the pepper to the soup and, after 5 minutes, add the tomato paste and borscht.

When the soup is well boiled, season with salt and add the leustean. Serve the beef soup with sour cream.

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