Did your food come out too salty or too spicy? These ingenious tricks will solve the problem

Illustrative image / Photo source: Pexels (Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas)

Illustrative image / Photo source: Pexels (Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas)

If your food turns out to be too salty or too spicy, you should know that you can solve the problem by using a few tricks.

If the soup or sauce dishes are too hot or too salty, you can add 2-3 peeled potatoes to the boil and let them boil, then drain. If the food in question also has potatoes, leave them there, but cut them into cubes, writes pofta-buna.com.

You can put some rice in cheesecloth, tie it tightly and put it in the food to boil, then take it out or multiply it with water, vegetables, rice, pasta, tomato juice – whatever is used in that recipe.

If a sauce is too salty or too hot, add a little flour and water to “multiply” it and let it boil slightly. If it is a sarmale type food, put a handful of rice between the sarmalas, add water and boil for about 20 minutes.

Other tricks

If you are frying livers, potatoes or other similar foods, sprinkle a pinch of salt in the oil container. It won’t jump anymore, your kitchen will stay cleaner and you will be completely safe.

For a juicy steak on the inside with a spectacular crust on the outside, you don’t need to turn the meat too often in a pan or grill. For a more tender meat, it should be cut upstream each time.

The liver does not need to be salted before frying and this valuable advice received from the mother should be taken into consideration. So you can enjoy your dish to the fullest. The liver should be salted after cooking, otherwise it hardens. It is also advisable not to salt the steak before frying, because the salt would make it excessively dry and lose its flavor.

If the liquid drops a lot during the boiling of the soup, top up with lukewarm, not cold water. Cold water tarnishes the soup and slows down the boiling process.

If you want to get a clear soup and you forgot to skim it, use the following trick: add an egg white that has not been beaten, coagulate the rest of the foam and make it transparent.

The soup will not burn if the inside of the bowl is greased with a little butter.

Don’t put paprika on wet meat as it will burn and give the steak an ugly look. It will be placed after the steak is ready.

To obtain a well-browned roast chicken, cover it with a thin layer of icing sugar before putting it in the oven.

To get the juiciest dishes, mix the minced chicken with tomato juice: 50 ml of juice per 500 g of meat. Since chicken meat is quite soft, it is necessary to give it a more intense taste, writes bucatarul.eu.

Then, add a little more hot spices than usual (marjoram, curry, rosemary, black or red pepper).

The soup will have a pleasant color if you add a little grated carrot on a small grater and sauteed in a little oil.

If the soup or soup turns out to be too salty, there is no need to throw it away. Throw in a large slice of apple or potato and everything will be fine, according to lifehacker.com. If you have burnt the soup, you can safely add peanut butter: one tablespoon for every 250 ml of preparation.

Before removing the soup from the heat, add a little carrot juice. The soup will taste more appetizing and be healthier.

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