For many years I have been suffering from a herniated disc. As a last resort, Orhan Bey decided to have surgery, despite my fears, I underwent surgery. On the day of the operation, I got up and got rid of my pain. Today is the 30th day of surgery and I am very comfortable. Prof. Dr. Orhan ŞEN Bey is very grateful. Orhan Bey has a smiley face, is kind, and has a personality that you will feel at ease when you enter his office. He is very meticulous in his work and does the best he can. Ben ona çok güvendim ve şu anda güvenimin I’m taking the prize.??? Ellerinize sağlık Allah yolunuzu açık eylesin ???
Tavsiye on ve iyki tanidigima çok memnum oldum hocam ve sanki yılarca taniyormusuz gibi çıkık kaşılama dalında was a superior ability and it was proven once more. For 5 years, I have been diagnosed with back pain by a doctor. 4. However, kmlerce yok yuruyebiliyor.Allah hocamizdan razi olsun.Beyin sırığısi kogune hocamızla tanisirsaniz hayatınım ıyışıceğini. Herkese Allahtan sifalar dilerim.

Mrb ben Nuray Y, 50 years old. I had bel pain for a long time, but son 5 aydır dayanılmaz pains. Adanada tam 12 tane doktor gittim ve hepsi same medicine. do you have cancer? Ameliyattan said that it is necessary. One of them is very korkan, because of Orkhan’s brain mentality and warmth,verdiği faith, he underwent surgery on the ertesi day. I am proud to live in the same city as Şen gibi bir doktorla. B Enimle I recommend other doktor gitmeden Orhan beye gelmeleri to all those who are living with the same problems. All bel and leg pain with Allah’s permission will not be cured. Herkes doctor may be someone Prof.DrOrhan Şen can’t

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