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The blonde recently started working at a village pharmacy and felt nervous about selling condoms to customers. When the pharmacist went on vacation for a few days, he asked her to manage the shop in his absence. She confessed her concerns about selling condoms to him.

“Listen,” he reassured her, “my regular customers don’t ask for condoms directly. They ask for either 310 (small), 320 (medium), or 330 (large). The word ‘condom’ is never mentioned.”

On the first day, everything went smoothly. However, on the second day, a black man entered the store, extended his hand, and said, “350, please.”

The girl panicked and immediately called the pharmacist on his mobile, explaining her dilemma.

“Go back and see if he has a bucket hanging between his legs,” her boss advised.

She peeked through the door and indeed saw a bucket hanging between the man’s legs.

Excitedly, she shouted into the phone, “Yes! He has one hanging there!”

The boss chuckled and replied, “Well, go back and give him $3.50. He’s a window cleaner!”


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