Hello Chef, season 3, episode 3. Recipe for soup and chicken pilaf à la Chef Roxana Blenche. Ingredients and method of preparation

Chef Roxana Blenche has been cooking master again in a new episode of Hello Chef. In the third season edition, from March 13, 2022, she had with her the artist Andreea Bănică, one of the artists who delight us with her music and joy, but also with her beauty.

Andreea Bănică, special star of episode 2, season 3, of the show “Hello Chef”

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Together with Roxana Blenche and her special guests of each edition, Carmen Brumă was present, who assisted the whole process of preparing the dishes from behind. She made sure that both the guests and the public had useful and correct information about the benefits of the ingredients used, but she didn’t hesitate to issue a challenge or a reprimand if necessary.

Before starting to cook, chef Roxana Blenche started the game. Andreea Bănică couldn’t say “mushrooms” and Chef Roxana Blenche, on the other hand, couldn’t say “gulie”.

The two had a lot of fun when, after so much concentration so as not to make mistakes, they both pronounced the forbidden words, one after the other, in an amalgam of explanations and attempts to save the phones.

Eventually, they started cooking chicken soup, and after Chef Blenche taught Andreea how to open whole chicken, the two girls got to work. They formed an excellent team and also shared the cooking experience.

The chicken soup was made with homemade noodles, carefully kneaded by Andrea’s hands.

Chef Roxana Blenche Chicken Soup Recipe. Ingredients and method of preparation:

Ingredients needed for Chef Roxana Blenche’s Chicken Soup recipe:

– carrots 400 g

– celery 400 g

– white onion 200 g

– salt

– Pepper

– chicken bones 500 g

– parsley

– parsnip

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Andreea Bănică and chef Blenche also cooked pilaf with chicken, for which they used the following ingredients:

– onion 100 g

– carrots 100 g

– glass 50 g

– celery 50 g

– rice 200 g

– salt

– Pepper

For the chicken pilaf, chef Roxana Blenche decided to fry the chicken breast separately for better taste. By the way, she added it to the frying oil for extra flavor. Incidentally, she also prepared the sautéed mushrooms, according to the following recipe:

– pleural 100 g

– mushrooms 100 g

– salt

– Pepper

– rosemary

– thyme

The chicken is fried separately in a pan, the pilaf is boiled, and at the end the sautéed mushrooms are added.

The two girls also prepared a dessert, dumplings with plums, for which the following ingredients are needed:

– potatoes 500 g

– flour 150 g

– 2 eggs

– sugar 50 g

– 1 sachet of vanilla sugar

– powdered sugar

Hi Chef, every Sunday, from 1:30 pm, on Antena 1

Every Sunday, from 1.30 pm, Antena 1 brings to cooking and cooking enthusiasts a new cooking show for their tastes: Hello Chef. The host of the show is none other than Roxana Blenche, whom the public had the opportunity to meet and support at Chefi la Cuțite.

What comes out when a chef, a gourmet celebrity and a nutrition specialist meet, viewers can find out by watching Hello Chef, every Sunday, from 1.30pm, on Antena 1.

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