Many of the products we see today are the result of hundreds or even thousands of years of evolution. Disposable menstrual pads didn’t just come out yesterday – their first designs weren’t very comfortable and small.

Here at Bright Side, we’re curious about how certain womenswear products looked back in the day, and we’re sharing 8 stories you might find interesting.

  1. Disposable menstrual pads
    The first disposable pads were generally manufactured in the form of cotton wool rectangles with an absorbent lining. The ends are extended in front and back to fit the loops with a special belt or belt worn under the underwear. The mat was not ideal as it would slide forwards or backwards.
  2. Bra
    The prototype of the modern bra was discovered by researchers in an Austrian castle and is approximately 600 years old. Bra formation is a long process; You can find many retro illustrations of how women supported their breasts. For example, one of these images depicts a strip of fabric wrapped around the chest and buttoned.

Later, when corsets came into vogue, New Yorker Marie Tucek invented the “breast supporter,” a modification of the corset. It was made of sheet metal and cardboard and was shaped to fit the torso under the breasts. The base is covered with silk or some other kind of fabric, which extends over the panel and curves around the torso to form a pocket for each breast, ending near the armpits.

  1. Lipstick
    The first lipstick may have been made by men and women in ancient Sumer and the Indus Valley around 5,000 years ago. They crushed gemstones and used them to adorn the lips and around the eyes. For example, Egyptians like Cleopatra pressed bees to add red to their lips.
  2. Mascara
    The first mascara can be documented in Ancient Egypt. It was a substance called kohl, which both men and women used to blacken their eyelashes, eyelids, and eyebrows to ward off evil spirits.
    The substance was made from galena, malachite, charcoal or soot and saliva.
  3. Hair rollers
    The hair curling method was used in 1575 BC. Ancient Egyptians used bronze curling irons that were heated over a fire before curling their hair. Electric heated hair rollers were invented by Solomon Harper in the 1930s, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that this stylish tool became popular.
  4. Corset
    The first evidence of the use of corsets is found in the early Minoan civilization of Crete. Since then, this thing has undergone a lot of changes – at one time, men used it to lose weight.
  5. High heels
    Platform shoes date back to Ancient Egypt. At first they took the form of sandals with very thick soles, designed to indicate upper class status. In addition, Persian cavalrymen wore high-heeled shoes. It was a heeled shoe to keep the foot in the stirrup, giving the rider more security.
  6. Socks
    Historically, stockings or hose were used by men in the twelfth century. Before the 16th century, stockings were made of woven or sewn fabrics.

Which species’ story surprised you the most? Which of these products do you need the most?

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