If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, applying egg yolk or avocado to your hair is as routine as applying body wash in the shower. But pulling body hair? Not so much. Although there are some things we’d rather leave for good (ahem, microneedling), sugaring can be a great addition to your DIY arsenal if done right. But first, let’s talk about the benefits. Sugaring was considered a staple hair removal method in ancient Egypt (Cleopatra was probably a fan), and for good reason.1 First, the ingredients in the actual paste are natural, making it a sensitive person’s dream. skin type. The saccharin is then pulled from the hair roots and is less on the skin (again: it’s less painful).

If you’re sporting thick hair, waxing may be more suitable, but sugaring is popular among fine-haired folks for its ease of use and effectiveness. We spoke to two waxing experts, VSpot Medi Spa founder Cindy Barshop and Exhale Spa’s Rachael Gallo, to find out how to make sugar wax at home.

What is Sugar Wax?
“Sugar wax is a natural wax that has been around for years,” says Gallo. “The benefits of sugar wax include exfoliation and moisturizing, which is often not the case after waxing and shaving.” While shaving promotes hair growth within the coarser hair follicles and causes faster hair growth, sugaring pulls them from the roots and causes long-term and permanent hair loss. According to Gallo, results can last up to 28 days and can be achieved with ingredients you already have at home.

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