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What?! Yes, yes, yes, cream of soup exists, it costs only 12 lei, has 300 grams and is on the menu of a neighborhood restaurant in Bucharest, in the Obor area.

Ingredients: Small mashed potatoes, milk and pureed fried potatoes

I ate cream soup as a child sounds like a challenge that Dorian Hâțule Popa would do, for the amusement of minors. Maybe they will, who knows, and it becomes a viral trend on TikTok or YouTube. Either way, Mice Cream Soup has 3 large and wide ingredients: mice, fries, and milk. All mixed and mixed together, to our delight …?

We arrived around sunset at the restaurant that serves this wonder, in super hot, which is perfect for a refreshing soup. Cream soup, sorry. To complete the picture, I paired it with a non-alcoholic beer, which just heated up until the order arrived. Plus two Japanese sandwiches. Little ones without bread? Let’s be serious, can we? Even the hole in the cigarette butt is as authentic as possible.

What does small soup look like and how does it taste?

Anyone who has ever eaten semolina with milk knows the texture and appearance. It comes from there. It doesn’t stink until you put the spoon under your nose, and that’s when you get hit by the smell of small, or rather, small meat. If you’ve never eaten semolina, imagine a thicker cream of mushroom soup.

The hardest thing for me was getting out of my head the idea that what I was putting in my mouth was a mixture of small cooked and then smoothies, mixed with cow’s milk and mashed fries. I didn’t make it, so I visualized the entire path from mouth to stomach in one gulp I drank. Understanding the whole is beyond my means, and I believe that half a spoonful of cream of soup is enough to understand what and how. Without fair and perhaps it can be the subject of a challenge among young people. Whoever can eat everything in 60 seconds without regurgitating gets a reward. And you don’t even have to move. You can order the small cream of soup through Glovo. Pam Pam.

However, it’s not the worst thing I’ve eaten in my life. I tasted worse than that.

Where do you find the cream of soup? La Teu Restaurant, via Titu Maiorescu n. 18

La Teu Restaurant is, in fact, a generous and clean terrace, between the blocks, in the Obor area, with an extremely thick Shaorma-type menu, everything for everyone, from soups to steaks, to fish, to papanasi and others, you know , the classic Romanian restaurant. When I arrived, around 7:30 pm, there were only a few tables occupied, after which it was full of family members, children, teenagers, seniors, business people, a very eclectic mix. Two very young, kind and cheerful waiters always keep an eye on customers, ready to help. So beyond the cream of soup, people seem to trust the chef at La Teu restaurant, and this made me order 4 little classics, with mustard. And I liked them. If I worked as good and good, I would probably give a 7 to the little ones. Round small, small, smooth, well done, firm. The meat looked good on them. I think Buhnici would have liked it too. Maybe another time. Seriously, really good guys. 5 lei per piece.

The good part: the little cream soup didn’t fit in my receipt. I didn’t tell the waiter that I wasn’t going to pay for it, but the people at the restaurant noticed that I wasn’t eating the dish, so they cut the bill, of course. I really liked this thing. I have not suffered again.

The even better part: it’s a clean, green and somewhat shady place. Of course, with small oversights here and there, normal for a neighborhood terrace where everyone comes. For a neighborhood restaurant, it’s really ok.

Total in Teu: 20 children, and with beer and bread: 40.

I’ll eat for you at La Teu: no.

But you can go and try the small cream soup. A once in a lifetime experience.

I’m waiting for the ice cream. Amen!

May it be good for us. I ate for you today too.

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