“I like the people of Bucharest and the city”

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Left fielder Ali Zein, 31, who joined the Romanian champions from Barcelona, ​​believes strongly in team spirit. He was won over by Xavi Pascual’s project at Dinamo e

The Romanian champion, Dinamo Bucharest, made one of the most sensational and surprising transfers of this summer. The Egyptian Ali Zein, winner of the Champions League with Barcelona in the previous season, signed for two official years with the red and white. “I came to Dinamo because I liked the project and because I want to improve my game,” said Ali Zein in an extensive exclusive discussion with Gazeta Sporturilor.

The Barcelona Dinamo player is convinced he made an excellent choice:

Ali Zein in action in the Super Cup won by Dinamo against Stella PHOTO Cristi Preda

“I’m not a star in Egypt”

Born 31 years ago, Ali Zein Mohamed came to handball after practicing swimming and karate. He said that in Egypt, children play handball, volleyball, basketball at school and coaches select those who are talented and want to perform. “As a young man you try many sports, but I really like handball, I control the ball very easily and it is one of my pleasures. This is why I chose handball and in 1997 I joined the most important club in Egypt, Al Ahly” , recalled the left winger.

Ali says International Federation President Hassan Mustafa of Egypt contributed greatly to developing handball in his native country, which is now second only to football in terms of popularity and performance, and African championship titles have increased notoriety. of his generation.

“I am not a star in Egypt. The whole national team is a star. After the golden generation of the 90s, I have now reached the Top 4 with my colleagues in terms of achievements and fame. We are looking to do even more. for Egypt, “said Ali Zein.

In his career he has played for teams in Africa, Asia and Europe and believes he has progressed in each team, even if each experience has been distinct. “Everything is different in the countries where I have played: the culture, the mentality, the attitude, the handball, the respective league. Your individual quality matters a lot and being able to show how good you are. You have to work hard to progress, to play in good teams and in the national team “, the Egyptian revealed some secrets of his career.

“The Champions League with Barcelona, ​​a dream come true”

In 2021 Ali Zein was transferred to Barcelona, ​​with whom he won everything: Champions League, ASOBAL League, King’s Cup, ASOBAL Cup and ASOBAL Supercup. “I was very happy at Barcelona. I won everything possible, it was a great transfer for my career and an incredible experience for me as a player. It was fantastic when I won the Champions League, like a dream that cannot be realized. explained in words, “said the African about the Catalan chapter of his career.

The Barcelona Dinamo player is convinced he made an excellent choice:

In the Barcelona locker room after winning the title in Spain last season

After the extraordinary season with Barcelona, ​​Ali Zein was conquered by the Dynamo project and signed for 2 years with the Romanian champion.

“It is very important to know what you want. I liked the Dinamo project, maybe at Barcelona I would have won everything again, I have all respect for Barcelona, ​​but for me I think it was better to take this step. A – to improve the my game, to develop. I think I made a good decision for myself. Family is first, they have always been by my side. My parents, brothers, wife and two children were surprised that I left Barcelona, But they have faith in me, in my choices, “said Ali Zein.

“I also came to Dinamo for Pasqui and Shebib”

He revealed that he knows a few things about Dinamo: that they are the most important club in Romania, with many fans, who want to do something big in handball.

“It was also important that Xavi Pascual is a Dinamo coach, he is an excellent coach, he won the Champions League, I am very happy with him. Pasqui wants us to always be 100% in training and in the game, it’s not easy to coach 23 players of the same level Hats off to him! I still need time to adapt, because Romania is a new country for me, with a different culture, a different attitude, everything is new for me. I need time to understand Romanians, but for the beginning it’s okay, “he explained.

The best handball player of Africa in 2018 is happy because he will play at Dinamo alongside his friend Shebib Mamdouh. “He is a friend of mine, we have been playing together since 2007, we have also been teammates in Aix-en-Provence, we have won many trophies together. We know each other very well, we understand each other very well, I am very happy that we met again. . I like how you fight on the pitch “, characterized Ali the pivot who has been at Dinamo since 2019.

The Barcelona Dinamo player is convinced he made an excellent choice:

The Egyptian for a walk, in a moment of respite Together with Shebib, in 2016, with whom he is now teammate again

“It will be difficult in the Champions League”

Ali Zein knows the demands of Dynamo fans for Europe’s premier club competition, but he can’t promise anything when it comes to partying in Europe.

“It is very difficult to say from now on what will happen in the Champions League. So far we have not played international matches, we have not played away with strong teams, but Dinamo are trying to improve their expressiveness. It certainly won’t be that easy in Champions, all matches will be tough, but we have to win them “, he hopes.

The African handball player has been coached in his career by many Spaniards: David Davis, Roberto Garcia Parondo, Carlos Ortega, Xavi Pascual. About them he says that everyone has helped him in his career and that the details make the difference in the system designed by the technician.

“Every Spanish coach has his own personality, his own system which he has thought of. I learned a lot from each one. For example Pasqui, after winning everything with Barcelona, ​​arrived at Dinamo, but he has different players, with different mentalities. and must adapt its system to the new conditions, depending on the quality of the handball players. The coach counts a lot in handball, the details make the difference and he knows everything about the opponent, he makes the game plan and it must be respected. It is not at all easy to be a good coach “, Ali Zein detailed his experience with the Iberian coaches. And the one with Pascual will enrich each week he will spend at Dinamo. With more performances on the horizon.

“The rules must be followed”

The Egyptian says he also understood why in Romanian handball the rule was imposed with three Romanians on the pitch and that it is the coach who suffers the most. “It is certainly difficult for Pasqui, he makes all kinds of projects, but the rules must be respected. The Federation, the Government want to help the Romanian players and they have thought of the representative. If the Romanian national team has results, it will do well for the teams of the club, because more sponsors will come, they will talk about handball, “believes Ali Zein.

“I like the people of Bucharest and the city”

The best African left winger, dynamic Ali Zein also stands out for his looks. The Egyptian says he has no tattoos, but his style manifests itself in the way he wears his hair. “I like my style. I’ve tried all kinds of haircuts for my hair, but that’s how I feel good now. Maybe at 40 I’ll cut it short,” he says with a laugh.

Conquered by the beef soup with vegetables

Having been in Bucharest for about 3 months, Ali Zein Mohamed says he likes the city but hasn’t had time to discover it. “Bucharest is a beautiful city, people are very friendly, they want to help you. For me the attitude of the people who live here is very important, it is a great starting point. We haven’t seen many places in Bucharest because we trained a lot, but we have been to a few restaurants and the food is really good. I really like the beef soup with vegetables, “Ali Zein revealed.

3Ali Zein won African titles with the Egyptian national team

2Ali Zein holds the title of best left back in Africa

268of the selections in the Egyptian national team has Ali Zein, since 2011

320of goals scored by the left midfielder for the representative team

CV Ali Zein Mohamed

He was born on December 14, 1990

He is 1.95m

Post – Inter on the left

Clubs played in: Al Ahly (Egi) 2008-2013, Etoile Sportive du Sahel (Tun) 2013-2014, Al Jazira (UAE) 2014-2016, Pays d’Aix UC (Fra) 2016-2018, Sharjah (UAE )) 2018-2021, Al Ahly 2020, FC Barcelona (Spa) 2021-2022, Dinamo Bucharest 2022-

Results: African champion 2016, 2020, 2022, silver medal 2018, gold at the Mediterranean Games 2013

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