Do you have a mole somewhere on your body that you consider a beauty mark or ignore it all your life? Most people have a mole or beauty spot somewhere on their body, but they probably don’t pay much attention to it.

A beauty mark or beauty spot is a type of dark mole, so named because such birthmarks are sometimes considered attractive. For centuries, people around the world have believed that birthmarks are meaningful to a person, and in many movies today, birthmarks symbolize some kind of connection to a significant other.

The Imperial Chinese believed that beauty marks could predict fate and future based on body position and color. During the renaissance, women who aspired to fair skin covered their blemishes with dots, turning them into beauty spots.

Read what your beauty mark says about you below and let us know if you agree.

What does it mean if you have a mole in one of these 7 places on your body?

A mole on the temple
If you have a mole in your temple, it means that you have a great opportunity to travel throughout your life and in the future, or that you have been given a special opportunity to travel in the past.
This can be related to traveling for business or pleasure. You may not be traveling the world as much as you would like at this time, if so, get ready for some amazing changes that will add meaning to your life in the future.

A mole between the eyes
Having a mole between the eyes means that you will move forward in whatever area of your life you are focusing on. It may be your career, but it’s also about the passion deep in your heart. Able to overcome difficult times and strive until success.
A strong will and a sharp focus will help you rise to the top in your career. If you’re not doing what you love in life, it’s important to take time for yourself and listen to your heart. See what makes your heart come alive; what opens it up, softens it, what makes you feel truly alive. Once you focus and set your heart on what you love, the sky is the limit to your success.

A mole on or above the eyelid
If you have a mole on or above your eyelids, between your eyes and eyebrows, or even somewhere on your eyebrows, it represents your deep love for your family. Regardless of how your marriage is going, the depth of your love for them is deeper than the ocean. You would do anything for your family.
Having a mole on this part of your body means that you are unique and quite stylish by nature. You’re probably a great people person, a conversationalist, and a warm-hearted person who helps others feel accepted and safe around you.

Thanks to your natural charm, you reach leadership positions in your professional and personal life.

A mole on the upper lip
If you have a mole on your upper lip, it can be caused by a variety of good things. This means that you were destined to be popular and socially successful from an early age. Other people often have to make an effort to show their charm, but it has always been an effortless and abundant quality for you.
You may have struggled in the past to overcome your materialistic desires, but as you grow in your inner practice of self-compassion and sharing love with others, when you no longer want or need something internally, it will flow more easily to you. Share the results of your research with the world, you can help many people.


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