If your body suddenly twitches as you fall asleep, here’s what it means

Have you ever experienced that sudden jerk or twitch just as you’re about to fall asleep? You’re not alone. Many people encounter this phenomenon, often without understanding why it happens. In this article, we delve into the world of body twitching during sleep, exploring its causes, effects, and management strategies.

Causes of Body Twitching During Sleep

Stress and Anxiety

One common culprit behind body twitching during sleep is stress and anxiety. When the mind is overactive, it can manifest physically, leading to involuntary muscle contractions or twitches.

Caffeine Intake

Consuming caffeine close to bedtime can interfere with the body’s ability to relax, causing twitching or jerking movements as you drift off to sleep.

Excessive Physical Activity

Intense physical exertion before bedtime can stimulate the nervous system, making it more prone to twitching during sleep.

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