Jacob Grill House has reopened. Do you feel special?

Jacob Grill House is not the kind of restaurant you walk into by accident. Nobody leaves the house and wakes up in the Dumbrava forest. You must want to get there, take the car to the Sibiu border. Therefore, your effort to choose to spend an hour or two with your guests should be doubled by a gesture of theirs to make you feel welcome, to turn your decision to eat with them into something special.

For the uninitiated, Jacob Grill House has long been closed for restoration and modernization. At first glance, there are no major changes, but more decorative details. The new Jacob is even more in tune with the location, on the edge of the forest, with a predominance of raw green and woody tones. A general feeling of well-being prevails, it is a pleasant and modern place to be.

The menu, as the restaurant’s name suggests, focuses on grilled meat or vegetable dishes. But fear not, there are plenty of vegetarian options to choose from. Impressive that you don’t try to impress with an extreme variety of dishes. The list is short and complete.

Hamburger Jacob Grill House

First of all I wanted to taste the house burger, because I went to Jacob because of his recommendation. I couldn’t resist trying the wild mushroom cream, being a fan of mushrooms in any shape and combination. I also wanted to taste the flavors of a dish for those who choose not to eat meat, and I ordered browned potatoes with blue cheese. And for dessert a portion of papanasi.

potatoes with Jacob Grill House cheese

Among those listed above, I want to highlight two aspects. Mushroom and papanasi soup. You can find them in almost all the restaurants in the Sibiu area and beyond, but at Jacob’s the two are really special. From the first spoon you can immediately feel that the mushrooms are wild, from the forest, not from the casseroles you buy at the supermarket. The earthiness is very intense. I can tell you with my hand on my heart that there is more flavor in a spoonful of soup at Jacob’s than in whole portions elsewhere. And in combination with tarragon and cream flavored oil, the flavors develop even more, take shape and scale.

Jacob Grill House Mushroom Soup

Jacob’s Papanas are also special. They are not fried and not greasy, but from a kind of semolina composition with cream cheese that resembles a cheesecake in some places. Then bake and go through some kind of cracker and nut crumbs. Over which they poured half a jar of blueberry jam and a few generous spoonfuls of cream. Absolutely delicious!

papanasi Jacob Grill House

To be completely honest, all the food at Jacob’s is delicious. The waiters were also top notch. Very careful, advise only if you need to and with common sense. But there are also some details that I didn’t like. The pretty green trim from afar disappoints when you get close and find they are made of plastic. I thought that only in Fain, in the center, there were so many artificial plants. Subsequently, the terrace, while surrounded by trees and nature, gives a sense of excitement due to the non-stop club music. I don’t understand why you would make music if you invite your customers to the edge of the forest to enjoy the silence?

It is important to note that prices are not to be ignored either. A hamburger costs an average of 40 lei, a soup 20 lei, an entrecote or a fillet of beef from 130 lei and a portion of papanasi 22 lei. For the dishes listed above, plus a mineral water and a lemonade, I paid more than 120 lei.

Back to the original question: can the hosts at Jacob Grill House make you feel special? Delicious food, great location and attentive waiters make a visit to the Jacob Grill House indisputably.

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