When you buy new shoes, bags or dried seaweed, you’ll probably notice a small packet of silica gel labeled ‘DO NOT EAT’. Most of us throw away shoes after taking them out of the box, thinking they are useless. However, if you read the many uses of these small bags filled with silica gel, you will stop throwing them away and solve many everyday problems.

Various uses of silica gel pouches

Prevents the spices from clumping

The kitchen is the most humid part of the house, which isn’t good for powdery ingredients like spices, but sugar can cause clumping. However, you can store your spices in the kitchen cupboard without fear of moisture. Stick a silicon bag over the spice jar, as the silicon will absorb excess moisture and keep your spices fresh.

Dry your cell phone

If you accidentally drop your phone in water, remove the battery and memory card and place them in a container of silica gel. Leave the phone in the bag overnight before turning it on.

Keep your documents safe

To prevent damage to documents such as birth and marriage certificates and social security cards, put a few silica gel bags in the envelope or box where you keep your documents.

Protect Halloween decorations

To increase the quality and longevity of your Halloween decorations, place a silicon bag or two in your bag or box where you keep them.

Dry your clothes as you go

If you don’t have enough time to wait for your towel or swimsuit to dry, wrap it in a few silicon bags to absorb excess moisture.

Storing the shaver in open air can cause oxidation and premature fading, so store it in a container with a silicon bag to absorb excess shaving water.

Restore the gym bag

Always keep a few silica gel packs in your gym bag for recovery. For example, silica can absorb moisture and reduce bacteria and odors.

Prevent the camera from condensation

Shooting outdoors in cold weather can cause condensation on the lens or camera when brought to a warmer location. To solve this, remove the battery, memory card, and lens (if applicable) and place the camera in a container with several silica gel bags to absorb moisture.

Enjoy large amounts of pet food for longer

Apply silica gel to the edges of the bag.

Prevents tarnishing of jewelry

Unfortunately, humidity can cause jewelry to tarnish. To avoid this, put a few bags of silica gel in your jewelry box.

Prevents seeds from forming

If you are saving seeds for next year’s planting, separate the different seeds into small envelopes and store them in an airtight container with several silica gels.

Accelerate the drying of flowers

Many people use dried flowers as decoration; However, the drying process is too long and in most cases the flower dies before it is completely dried. However, you can speed up drying by placing the flowers in a plastic bag with silica gel.

Prevents condensation on windows

Place a few silicon bags on the counter to absorb excess moisture. This also applies to the windshield.

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