PHOTO Andreea Marin, unrecognizable after contracting COVID for the second time: “The soup saved me”

Andreea Marin fell ill with COVID for the second time despite being vaccinated

Andreea Marin has contacted the COVID virus for the second time. Fortunately, the former TV presenter had a mild form, which allowed her to be treated at home. She is now on her way and the virus is going to disappear forever. In an online post, Andreea Marin told fans of her how she managed to cope with this period and what makeup she used to heal as quickly as possible.

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Andreea Marin has a special bond with her fans and shares with them the good moments of her life, but also the less happy ones, as is the case here. For this reason the “Fairy of Surprises” didn’t want to worry her fans about her health, so she decided to share with them the fact that she only contacted the virus for the second time when she was gone. released.

On this occasion, Andreea Marin also posted a series of photos in the online environment where it can be seen that she too has changed her look. She cut her hair shorter and fans noticed that she looked a little thinner than usual.

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“Today is the last day of a new round of Covid for me. Didn’t I tell you, don’t worry anymore, we all have enough and I’m fine, there were no big problems to overcome. And I chose to make my mother’s soup, because I remembered it as a balm to me when I was a sick child.

My mother made me think it was the best medicine. And so it is, and today I believe that nature is mostly healing. And if you haven’t read the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, it’s a joy that I highly recommend! Health and good cheer! “Was the message that Andrea wrote on social media.

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Although this is the second time I sing about contact with the virus, Andreea Marin has treated the situation calmly and resorted to the most effective method of getting rid of this condition. More precisely, the former TV presenter “is cured” with the help of the soup that her mother made her when she was sick, according to

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