Psychological Test Guess Which One Is Not a Family

If your answer is family #1, you’re probably not a family-oriented person—at least not in the traditional sense. You treat your friends like family and helping them makes you happy. You always try to bring goodness in everyone’s life. Maybe you grew up without a strong father figure, so you do your best to be around the people who need you, like your mother.

This family may not be the happiest family, but they are still a real family. It is clear that the mother takes care of the child, holds its hand and protects it from the neglectful father. You chose this fake family because you don’t want to raise others like you.

If your answer is family #2, then you are committed to your family – nothing is more important to you than your family. You believe in building stable, long-term relationships based on trust and commitment. You put your family’s needs first, and if that means you can make your loved ones happy, you sometimes neglect your own needs.

You may have noticed that the people in the picture don’t really look like a family. Adults do not pay attention to the child, and the child does not try to hold his hand – they may be strangers walking together. Being a real family man, you immediately recognized the fake family.

If your answer is family #3, you probably come from a family with a disability. You have a hard time trusting people because of your traumatized childhood. You worry, and communication with others is often difficult for you. Constantly worrying about the future, you tend to overthink things.

The people in the picture look like a loving and happy family. They are a real family. Parents almost hug while walking, father holding child’s hand. Growing up in a dysfunctional family can shape your perspective and make you suspicious of healthy relationships. You choose this family as a fake family because you don’t believe that such a thing really exists.

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