Six simple ways to get rid of tooth decay and cavities

Like most people, the first thing you do when you realize you have a cavity or a toothache is to see your dentist to see if a filling is the only way to fix the cavity. However, most people don’t know that tooth decay and cavities can be repaired and fillings aren’t the only option.

In this article, you will learn the basics of natural cavity healing and tooth decay prevention.

  1. Change your diet and reduce your sugar intake. A study in the British Medical Journal suggests that dietary changes can reverse tooth decay. You can immediately make simple adjustments to your diet, for example:

Eating calcium-rich foods (eg, kale, salmon, broccoli, dairy) can help strengthen bones and teeth.
Sugar can cause excessive plaque and tartar build-up, which can lead to cavities, so avoid carbonated beverages, juices, and drinks.

  1. If you want to prevent early tooth decay or heal existing tooth decay, include the following steps in your oral care routine.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, making sure you reach all surfaces, crevices, pockets, and corners.
Brush at least once a day. This will remove any food left under the gums and prevent bacteria from forming.
use mouthwash; It is anti-bacterial and helps to remove any remaining bacteria in your mouth.

  1. Add vitamins and supplements to your diet. Micronutrients are essential for bone health and can help prevent cavities and control inflammation. Some vitamins help with saliva production, which prevents bacteria from lingering on your teeth, and some vitamins make your teeth stronger. Foods that help with saliva production include bananas, Brussels sprouts, and peas. Vitamins you should consume include B, D, magnesium, and iron. If you’re not interested in taking supplements, eat whole grains and seafood (such as salmon, canned tuna, and sardines, which are great sources of vitamin D).
  2. Eat foods that contain natural probiotics. The bad bacteria associated with infection look for places to hide in the small spaces between the teeth, so taking probiotics can help balance the acidic pH. Foods rich in probiotics include fermented foods such as kombucha, kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut. These foods stimulate the production of healthy bacteria in the mouth that are needed to prevent plaque and tooth decay.
  3. Know the pH value of the food/drink you consume. An imbalanced pH level creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Beverages like coffee can create a pH imbalance (as do some citrus fruits and sweets) and become the perfect breeding ground for infectious oral bacteria. If you drink coffee every day and suffer from tooth decay, your best coffee choice is green tea, as it contains polyphenols (known as catechins), which are powerful antioxidants, and have several anti-inflammatory properties. harmful bacteria and improves oral health.

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