Soup or soup? Which is better for the figure. The answer given by Dr. Mihaela Bilic

  • Soup or soup, is everyone’s question
  • Doctor Mihaela Bilic tells you which preparation is best suited to the silhouette

Soup or soup?

Soup and soup are two completely different dishes. Whether it’s taste or just texture, we know the two have nothing in common.

Unlike soup, soup is a mixture of vegetables, flour and meat diluted in a lot of water. The ingredients are visible on the entire surface and the fat cannot be hidden, it rises to the surface of the dish. The oil does not mix with the water, the soup degreases very easily, both when it is hot and after it has cooled down. We can put potatoes, pasta or even rice in the soup, without thinking that they can affect our figure.

Soup or cream soup is basically a vegetable soup prepared in a blender. It can also contain meat, but its creamy texture is given by potatoes and root vegetables. To make it thicker and to add flavor, some recipes contain flour, butter or cream, which can put our figure at risk. As the flour incorporates the fat, it is no longer visible. Cream soup cannot be skimmed, so it’s best to cook it yourself.

The soup contains fatty meat, while the cream soup has more vegetables and cream. As an energy value we have 150 cal for a bowl of soup or soup, equivalent to half a portion of the second dish.

Ricotta is curd, mozzarella is cheese There are two types of cheese that we adopted by the Italians and included in the Romanian culinary tradition. Since they are unsalted and full of whey, it feels like a fresh, low-fat, low-calorie cheese.

In reality, mozzarella is not a sweet curd, but a cheese. It is obtained by boiling and kneading, molded into a round shape and then kept in brine. A mozzarella “egg” has about 300 calories and 25% fat, more than Telemea cheese! Place a slice of bread and a tomato next to it and the meal is ready.

With ricotta it is another story, it is similar to the Romanian curd, it is obtained from the coagulation of whey. It is the most dietetic cheese, perfect for athletes or for those on a diet, in principle it must contain only proteins and mineral salts, without a drop of fat. It’s just that the Italians have “improved” the recipe and added 12% cream.

This explains why ricotta is creamy and sweet, and our curd is stuffy and crumbly. Compared to mozzarella, in ricotta we have half the fat and protein content and the number of calories. Mozzarella goes very well with pizza and salads, while ricotta is ideal for pasta. Don’t exceed 100g / serving if you want to be fit.“wrote Mihaela Bilic on her personal Facebook page.

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