Special menu for Constanta patients, offered by Arimex Comexim 2000

Arimex Comexim 2000 still offers a special menu for its patients. Santa Maria la Piccola (Birth of the Mother of God) is celebrated every year on 8 September and Arimex Comexim 2000 SRL will offer patients a special menu of the day.

Menu of the Nativity of the Mother of God


Lemon fruit tea
Prague ham
Acacia’s honey
Apricot jam


Sweet Milk
Natural yogurt

The lunch

Belly and chilli soup
Greek vegetable soup
Drained vegetable soup with cream
Pumpkin soup with cream
Transylvanian pork stew
Romanian wild carp cutlets on a bed of sautéed vegetables and lemon
Natural chicken breast and potato sauce
Sauteed vegetables with ricotta

Sweet lunch

Baked apple with raisins
Apricot pancakes

Salads for lunch

White cabbage salad with carrots and lemon
Cornichon pickled cucumber salad




Lemon fruit tea
Rotisserie chicken with rice garnish with vegetables and natural cornichon cucumbers
Rice pudding with fruit
Baked chicken breast and rice garnish with vegetables and natural cornichon cucumbers
Baked chicken breast with mashed potatoes

Dinner dessert

Strawberry cake

“The Mother of God is the light of our soul, she is our hope, cover, consolation and joy. The Mother of God is our intercessor before God and always prays to Christ the Savior for all of us. When our soul is darkened by evil thoughts or bitter sins, then we ask her to pray to her Son for us.

The icon of the Mother of God is our window to Heaven. The encounter with the Mother of God, with her Icon, is like an encounter with a loved one, whom you have not seen for a long time. An encounter that makes your heart tremble, that moves you deeply and that gives you intense joy, that is the joy of “tears”.

We kindly invite all the worshipers of the Mother of God to come to the Icon of the Soul, to uncover the head and bend the knees in prayer and together, with all the heart, with deep pity to say: It is just right to bless you, Mother of God. , the ever happy and too innocent and Mother of our God. Because you are more honorable than the cherubs and more magnified beyond comparison than the seraphs, who without corruption on God the Word gave birth, you, the true Mother of God, we magnify you. Most holy, most pure, most holy our great mistress, Mother of God and ever Virgin Mary, have mercy on us! “.

Let us pray for the health and peace of the world, for the multiplication of love, for the illumination of the mind and for the growth of all of us, in hope, in faith and in all the works pleasing to Him and Blessed Mother.

We persevere in holy prayer for the exile of all evils, of all viruses, for the multiplication of love on earth, for peace among people and in the soul, and so that the good Lord pours out his rich grace and his gifts to the whole world.
Let us not forget those whom the Savior Jesus Christ calls “his least” (cf. Mt 25:40), that is, those who are in anguish and helplessness, those who are in sickness, suffering, sadness and loneliness, of those in hospitals and their homes, that there is no one to remember and investigate.

We send good thoughts to all who bear the name of Maria, Marian and other derivatives thereof. May good health, joys and satisfactions be bestowed upon you, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all! (II Corinthians 13, 13) “, reported Drăghici Vergil – the administrator of the catering company Arimex Comexim 2000.

Prayer to the Mother of God

Most pure mother, always virgin,
The soul in me wouldn’t let him die,
But pour, Holy One, on him, from above,
Your great mercy, the mercy of Jesus!
The angels around me gather,
To show me the way to good,
To direct my steps on the path of mercy,
At the beginning of the night, at the beginning of the day!
To banish all evil spirits,
What is hidden in the way of life of my life,
Give new life to my poor soul,
May the sky break like a dewdrop! …
Broken by humiliations, with deep sobs,
The soul comes to you to worship:
Your mercy from heaven descends on him,
Most pure mother, always a virgin!

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