Stretch Your Ring Finger With Your Thumb and Hold For 10 Seconds CT OUD WISH YOU KINEW THIS MOUCH EARLIER

How exercise can help

Trigger finger inflammation can cause pain, tenderness, and limited range of motion.

Other symptoms include:

fever, stiffness, or constant pain at the base of your affected thumb or finger
a lump or lump at the base of the finger
clicking, snapping, or snapping sound or sensation when moving the finger
inability to straighten the fingers after bending them
These symptoms can affect more than one finger or both hands at a time. Symptoms may be more pronounced or noticeable in the morning, when picking up something or straightening your fingers.

Targeted exercise and stretching can help ease your symptoms and increase flexibility. It is important to do the exercises regularly to get the best results.

How to get started
These are simple exercises that can be done anywhere. All you need is an elastic band and a variety of small items. Objects can include coins, bottle tops, and pens.

Try to spend at least 10-15 minutes a day doing these exercises. As your strength increases, you can increase the amount of time you spend exercising. You can also increase the number of repetitions and sets.

If you can’t do the full range of motion, that’s okay! You just have to do the best you can. If your fingers hurt for any reason, it’s okay to take a break from exercising for a few days or until you feel better.

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