The 100 best soups and broths in the world. This is where Romanian soups are found

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Here is the top of the best soups and broths from around the world! Romania is doing well when it comes to tasty dishes. Bean soup is in 21st place and fish soup in 12th place as in the Delta.

What is the top of the best soups and broths in the world

The top places on the list are occupied by exotic countries, with dishes with names that few have heard of. The first place is occupied by a dish from South Korea and the second place is a soup from El Salvador. Romania and the Republic of Moldova sit well at the top, with the traditional bean soup and the famous Moldavian juice.

The 100 best soups and broths in the world. This is where Romanian soups are found

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What is the best soup in the world

First on the list is the South Korean dish Gamjatang. The main ingredients are pork spleen and potatoes, but it also contains bean paste, chili powder and garlic.

In second place is El Salvador chicken soup, the main ingredient of which is organic, country, backyard chicken.

The Moldovan Zeama is in third place in the ranking

Moldovans are not inferior when it comes to soups and stews. In third place is the juice of Moldova.

This is known as the best remedy after drinking.

Moldovan Zeama contains homemade chicken meat and noodles. This also has carrots, onions, peppers, leeks, tomatoes and potatoes, traditionally being soured with borscht.

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Bean soup and fish soup, among the 100 best soups and soups in the world

Romania ranks quite well on the list of the best soups and stews in the world. Our bean soup is number 21. As we all know, it contains white beans, smoked meat or pork belly and bone.

A little higher on the list is the “ca-n Delta” fish soup, in 12th place. What makes this dish unique is the way it is eaten: first you eat the fish soup, and then the meat, together with the mujdei, as a main course.

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