The best vegetable cream

Many people are looking for the best cream of vegetable soup. Cream soup has many variations, as it is possible to cook it from different vegetables. This is a special dish, with a lot of taste, and with a very interesting texture, that the world of gastronomy did not know before this recipe!

This dish is healthy, but also very filling thanks to the multitude of vegetables from which it is prepared. The soup also provides us with the surplus of vitamins we need.

Cream soup can be served at any time, in any type of event. Surely guests will be delighted by this delicacy!

What ingredients are needed for this delicious dish

For this recipe we need different ingredients, lots of vegetables and spices. However, even if the quantity of ingredients can overwhelm us, the preparation of this special dish is truly a delight! So don’t worry, everything will go as planned!

As mentioned, we will need more vegetables, mainly root vegetables, which is about 2-3 carrots, along with 2 parsnip roots. In addition to these, we will prepare a larger onion, or two smaller ones. We’ll also need garlic cloves, two or three. We also prepare two or three potatoes, along with a single pepper.

For the seasoning, we will prepare the classics, namely salt and pepper. They cannot be missing in any recipe of this type. If you want even more flavor and color, you can add some paprika.

In addition to all these ingredients that we have bought with love, we must also prepare the fattest butter (the one with 82% fat is perfect), no more than 4 tablespoons. For the croutons we will need a few slices of bread, oil (preferably olive oil) and some freshly picked parsley for decoration.

These are all the ingredients we need for this tasty and healthy dish. You will see that it is worth it for the wonderful flavors that will caress our taste buds!

The best vegetable cream – How to prepare it

This is one of the fastest yet delicious recipes. We must start by washing the prepared vegetables very well. We clean those that require it, that is, onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic. The next step is to cut the onion accordingly. It should not be chopped, but cut like an aquarium (halved). Next, we put the butter in the pan and on top we put the onion to fry it. This will add more flavor to the food.

Meanwhile, cut the vegetables into cubes. We add them to the pan, after the onion has softened (we must be careful that it does not dry out too long because it will burn!). Even now we can season the vegetables with the salt, pepper and paprika that we had already prepared. We need to pour water over it so that they boil.
As for the vegetables I’m in the pan, we can make croutons. We can start by cutting the slices of bread into cubes. We put them in the oven for a few minutes. When we take them off, we have to do it grease with the prepared oil and sprinkle with a little crushed garlic. We can put them back in the oven for a few more minutes until they are golden brown.

The vegetables cooked in the pan will be drained and put in the blender. When we remove the composition, we can put a little of the water in which the vegetables were boiled, until the creamy soup has the desired consistency and consistency.

Thus, the best vegetable cream soup is ready to serve, along with croutons and parsley sprinkled on top!

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