The biggest mistake you make when boiling chicken for soups

The biggest mistake you make when boiling chicken. Very important for chicken soup or soup is how the meat is prepared. To make sure it softens as it should and doesn’t come out hard or stringy, follow a few tricks.

  1. Don’t boil the chicken for too long. Boiling for a shorter period ensures the clarity of the soup or broth.
  2. If, on the other hand, you use country chicken, it must be cooked longer, over low heat, so that it does not get soaked.
  3. Regardless of whether you use country chicken or store-bought chicken, it is important to cook the meat over low heat. In this way the meat remains tender and cooks evenly, without the risk of remaining raw pieces.
  4. Salt the water in which you boil the chicken. The role of the salt added to the water is to prevent the spread of foam. By staying compact, you will be able to pick it up more easily. Be careful to remove all the foam that forms on the surface of the water in which you boil the chicken, as it contains toxins.
  5. Use root vegetables such as celery, parsley root, parsnip and carrot and vegetables such as peppers, onion, potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes or eggplant. They will give a special flavor to the dish.

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The biggest mistake you make when boiling chicken for soups or stews

Below, we will list a number of things that you should not do under any circumstances when cooking chicken soup or soup. Many of these mistakes are common, he writes

1. Do not use soup concentrate cubes to flavor the dish. It is true that they add extra flavor, but they are rich in many substances that are harmful to the body, including artificial preservatives.

2. Do not boil the gnocchi directly in the soup as they may fall apart, thus compromising the clarity of the soup.

3. Don’t put the noodles in the soup too soon. The ideal is to add them three minutes before turning off the heat and, of course, they must be homemade noodles.

4. Do not use dried vegetables, but fresh: chives, parsley. Add the vegetables as soon as you turn off the heat.

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