The habit that makes the soup poisonous. All housewives do it without realizing it

Studies have shown that soup is a type of food that can help health thanks to the vitamins contained in vegetables. However, almost all housewives have a bad habit.

The water in which the vegetables are boiled must be changed, especially if the vegetables are bought from the store. Otherwise, you risk poisoning yourself with chemicals on vegetables.

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For example, the first water in which the vegetables were boiled should be thrown away, especially if you are using commercial vegetables. Usually, this first water contains the fertilizers and pesticides used to shell vegetables as quickly as possible. If you use organic products, you can safely store the first water, because this is where all the nutrients of vegetables are found.

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Important mistakes when making soup. These two ingredients spoil the whole taste

The mistake we all make when cooking soup is adding læustean, which isn’t good for everyone. According to doctors, walnut is rich in quercetin. This is one of the most active flavonoids present in the plant kingdom and has a very strong antioxidant power to modulate the immune system.

At the same time, the same substance also has an anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenetic, but also anti-carcinogenic action. Larch leaves also contain volatile aromatic oils, but also vitamins A and C.

The secret of a delicious soup. The mistake everyone makes when making soup

There is also coumarin, a chemical compound that has a bitter taste and has beneficial effects in case of hypertension, septicemia, osteoporosis, asthma and also promotes the reduction of tumors and inflammation, suppressing appetite.

Eucalyptus has many benefits, although we must be careful when using it. Therefore rich in quercetin, one of the most active flavonoids present in the plant kingdom, which has a strong antioxidant, immune system modulator, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic action. Leuștean is also recommended for diseases such as depression, indigestion, anorexia, intestinal colic.

Leuștean should not be consumed by these people

Walnut oil is also recommended for older people facing health problems. This oil has the property of lowering tension and stimulating diuresis.

However, doctors also found a more unusual effect related to leuștean. More precisely, according to them, leuștean should not be given in large quantities or for longer periods of time by people suffering from kidney infections.

At the same time, leustean should not be consumed by pregnant women either. In the case of women who are breastfeeding, lemon balm is recommended in moderate quantities, more precisely 3g per day of fresh leaves.

The mistake housewives make when cooking soup. When the salt is actually put into the food. The secret of a delicious soup

It should be noted that even chefs advise against using excess lemon balm. They claim that it spoils the taste of foods like soups or foods cooked with chicken, beef or vegetables.

During the winter season, nothing compares to a good hot soup to warm our souls. However, this is the mistake that all Romanians make when making soup or borsch. The ingenious trick to make the recipe tasty.

The secret to making the best soup

Housewives who use broth

to give more flavor to soups you have to take into account some tips, because what may seem like a simple recipe can become much more complicated if we do not follow some essential steps.

When you have guests or just want to impress your family with a delicious hot dish, experts recommend using poultry meat. In this way, the broth will be rich in nutrients such as calcium and magnesium and you will get a savory flavor.

What vegetable do you use to absorb excess salt

Another important trick to check is foam removal. During cooking, vegetables and chicken emit a foam that you have to remove with a spatula. Otherwise, the soup will have a slightly bitter taste, which no housewife wants.

Another brilliant secret that few Romanians know is when the soup must be drained. Never add salt while cooking the soup. This step must be done at the end, when the broth is almost ready.

The reason is extremely simple. This way you will ensure that the salt does not “melt” during cooking. On the other hand, everything has to be done in moderation. Do not add too much salt, because then the taste of the soup will be affected.

It is important to know that it is possible to use a certain vegetable to reduce the flavor of the soup, if the dish is too salty or spicy. It is about potatoes. All you need to do is cut the potato into pieces and add them to your food. The pieces will absorb the excess salt during cooking, leaving starch in the food which will further dilute the saltiness.

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