The huge mistake that spoils the taste of the soup. What never to do after setting fire

Have you ever followed a soup recipe exactly, but it still doesn’t turn out tasty? In today’s article we will talk about some tricks that grandmothers use to give a deep flavor to this type of food. Discover in the following lines the huge mistake that spoils the taste of the soup. How to make the tastiest soup.

The secrets of a soup like grandma’s

When it comes to soups and / or stews, we can confidently turn to the secrets of our grandmothers. They have so much experience that they can always help us with advice. We will also present some of their tricks in the relevant article.

A first aspect on which the aromatic taste of the soup depends is the method of preparation. Never, ever, the ingredients used in soups or stews are boiled all at once. Ingredients are added in layers as the food cooks.

First, the meat is browned. Then onions are added, followed by other vegetables. Subsequently, celery and carrots are added to the mixture. Towards the end add the broth. Basically, ingredients are added to the soup based on the time it takes to boil. For example, harder vegetables such as potatoes are added first. The rest, towards the end.

Vegetables never cook at the same speed. If they are cut into small, uniform sizes, this can facilitate the cooking process. But potatoes, for example, will always need more cooking time than spinach or celery

The huge mistake that spoils the taste of the soup

The secret of a good soup. When you want to put the ingredients on the fire, to a boil, do not salt from the beginning. This is the most common mistake of housewives when it comes to cooking soups or stews. Salt and / or other spices are added towards the end of the cooking process, according to Ricette e Stelle.

Always towards the end of the boiling, the bay leaves are added. It’s amazing what only a few leaves of herbs can do. If you put them in the soup at first, however, it will lose its flavor.

Towards the end, the broth should also be added to the soup. However, don’t be afraid to replace the store-bought one with a homemade one. It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s very easy to make homemade broth. Plus, it adds more flavor to soups or stews than store-bought.

Last but not least, if you are missing one of the ingredients you usually use in soups, substitute it. For example, chicken soup can be replaced with broth, butter, flour, milk and spices.

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