The mistake housewives make when boiling chicken. This is the only way it is right

Chicken soups are particularly recommended in winter, when we need to warm our body, due to the very low outside temperatures. This dish is definitely on top of the healthiest and tastiest dishes. Indispensable on our daily menu, soups have the great advantage of being quick to prepare. It’s just that many housewives don’t know how to cook chicken properly. The method is known only to experienced cooks.

What mistakes do you make when boiling chicken for soups and stews?

In the summer you opt for salads or various cold dishes, but when the weather cools you switch to hot and tasty soups. In fact, they are easy to prepare, the ingredients are available to anyone. While making soup doesn’t sound complicated, many Romanians get stuck when boiling chicken. Fortunately, I learned the tricks that only great chefs know.

Tricks used by the greatest chefs in the world

Most housewives prefer to buy commercial chicken because they don’t have to boil it for hours to make it tender. More suitable is poultry, much tastier and healthier.

The meat should be cooked according to the size of the chicken. This means that the cooking time is different. You also need to know another aspect. Chicken for soups or stews can be frozen or fresh. To know when it is cooked, you can check it with a fork. If the skin breaks easily and juices appear, the meat can be eaten or used for soup.

Salt gives food flavor, but it also plays a secret role

Don’t forget the salt! It is very important to salt the water in which the chicken is boiled for soups and stews. This way, the foam will collect faster and won’t spread around the pot. Be careful though! Collect with a spoon or a special utensil all the foam that forms on the surface of the water in which you boil the chicken, because it is toxic.

Recommended vegetables for a five-star soup

Another question that is on the lips of our housewives concerns the vegetables used for a very tasty soup. Experienced cooks recommend root vegetables such as celery, parsley root, parsnip and carrot. We put in the saucepan, they will give an amazing flavor to the dish. At the same time, culinary experts have another tip. Use plenty of salt, but also many other vegetables that can be boiled whole. Opt for pepper, onion, potato, zucchini, tomato or eggplant.

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