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Rohița Monastery 6.5 km away. This is what was written on a road sign. The monastery is located almost 1 km from the Rohia monastery and 10 km from the city of Târgu Lăpuș, belonging to the Orthodox diocese of Maramureș and Sătmar.

I was going to this monastery for the first time, so I made my holy cross and started my way. In the area of ​​the Boiereni village the road, although narrow, is asphalted, but when you leave the town the road is unpaved with small bumps, so it is passable, you can go by car to the gate of the monastery. An ancient, legendary road, on which you cannot travel more than 20 km per hour, so you have time to meditate and I thought of the Roman roads, entering even more into history, it seemed to me a mysterious road like the one that leads to Damascus. .. I was not necessarily expecting a light, but my attention was captured by the landscapes as if taken from fairy tales, on the sides of the road. The clear sky, the shades of green of the woods, the flight of birds, the silence and the mystery of the place, all seemed to come from a dream. The beauty of the landscapes delighted my soul and pushed me to pray, introducing me to the mystical mystery of the place.

Marta’s work

I didn’t even notice it when I arrived at the gate of the monastery … I park the car in the shade of an old walnut tree and gather the courage to enter the monastery premises: on the right side I see a summer altar for religious services, including the holy liturgy, on the left side, I am welcomed by the wooden church dedicated to the “Holy Apostles Peter and Paul”. In front I come across a shop with books and religious objects, which works according to the principle of the bazaar, a smiling and benevolent monk greets me, urging me to buy something. I ask for Father Abate and he shows me to go on until I reach the kitchen. I walk along a corridor of the cell body, on the sides of the books and the monks’ cells. I go into the kitchen and say that I would like to speak to Father Vasile Filip, and I get the answer that I have to wait because the father is making chicken noodle soup. Father, I have brought clothes for the needy. Leave him, leave him … The father, equipped with a kitchen apron, calls a monk and listens to him sit down in the attic in room 18. At lunch, I was invited to the table and great was my amazement, the Father The abbot had a dressing gown as a waiter and served us at the table. The father did what Martha did and not out of obligation or obedience, but with great joy, with great benevolence, with great dedication and with great love.

Maria’s work

In the evening I attended the service of vespers in the Church. There were not many people, but it was an intimate, pleasant atmosphere, full of spiritual ferment, a meeting with the angels and saints of God. On Sunday I participated in the Holy Liturgy, together with dozens of believers from all parts of Romania. , but most of the county of Maramureș. Two priest monks and a lay priest celebrated the Holy Liturgy on the summer altar: Father Abbot Vasile Filip, Father Gavriil Miholea and Father Ioan Roșca. Father Vasile played the role of Mary with great piety and zeal. Sober, but pleasant, festive atmosphere, appreciated by children, young and old. After the liturgy, there was a function for six parishioners where all the participants stayed. In the end, Father Abate invited everyone to the table, about 200 people. Now, Father Basilio left Mary’s robe and borrowed Martha’s robe, serving the faithful at the table with much joy and much love.

Food for the body and food for the soul

A phenomenon happens at the Rohița monastery, the work of Mary is very well integrated with the work of Martha. Father Abbot Vasile Filip, through assiduous work, day after day, manages to perfectly combine spiritual work with material work. All those who visit the monastery, Father Vasile makes them sit at the table and rests them spiritually, but also with the necessary for the body, daily food. The father diligently fulfills one of the commandments of Christ the Redeemer, which is to receive guests. The Holy Fathers call our attention to this virtue, if we can call it that, because they were Christians who unwittingly welcomed angels, saints and even the Mother of God into their homes. on holidays, Father Vasile feeds about 200 Christians. In Rohița there are Christians who make pilasters for their entire sleeping nation and give food and drink to dozens and hundreds of Christians.

It is worthy!

In this way, we thank Father Abbot Vasile and the entire community of monks and brothers of the Rohița monastery, for the zeal with which they carry out this divine work, for their dedication, for their sacrifice, for their love for God. and for the next. .

May you live with us for many years, Reverend Father Abbot Archimandrita Vasile Filip. May God give you strength, health and grace to be able to carry on the “phenomenon” of Rohița.

God help!

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