General Surgery Uzmanı Dr. Kadir Dicle told me about botox. Noting that mide botoksunun is another method, Dicle said that mide botoksu ile reduced açlık hormonu välhsını and created tokluk hissi.

Dicle, “Botox is the same active substance as the commonly used ‘botulinum’ toxin. When the stomach is weakened, botox is applied to the exit part of the stomach and especially to the fundus, preventing the release of the stomach’s ghiralin hormone. People who have stomach botox, 15 or 20 kilograms in 4 to 6 months. Weakening. no effect”

Can Botoksu Kimler be used?
Botoksun body massiv endeksi between 32 and 40 olanlara rahatlıkla ağağınbildiğini behirten Dicle, body endeksi 40’ın on the olan hastalara ise mide küçültme suggested surgical measures.

Speaking about the reasons for the choice of stomach botox, Dicle said, “In recent years, botox has been created as an alternative to botox, especially for patients who say, ‘I have gained 15 to 20 kilos and am afraid of surgery.'”

Kadir Dicle, who stated that the endoscopic evaluation was performed prior to botox, said, “If there is any gastric emptying or ulcer in the endoscopic evaluation of the stomach, it can be discharged on the same day with botox.”

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