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On hot summer days you need more hydration, but also to replenish the salts and minerals lost with sweat.

Natural juices and smoothies are a good option, but they may give you too much sugar.

Fortunately, there is a better solution. This is the mineral soup, a vegetarian version of the already famous bone soup, which contains collagen. It is a trend in nutrition that is becoming more popular every day and that nutritionists consider healthy.

What is mineral soup?

Mineral soup is a vegetable soup, but different from the classic soup. It is made from a wider variety of vegetables than the usual soup and is boiled for about two hours. The water in which you boil the vegetables is thus enriched with the minerals of the vegetables, resulting in a natural drink that hydrates and mineralizes your body. The cooked vegetables become soft and almost melt, and the soup can be pureed or filtered.

Rebecca Katz, one of the nutritionists promoting mineral soup, advocates the use of two ingredients not usually found in vegetable soup. These are sweet potatoes and kombu, a type of edible seaweed. “You don’t find these ingredients in a regular vegetable soup, but they are very rich in nutrients,” the nutritionist told wellandgood.com.

The specialist recommends putting the following ingredients in the mineral soup: small red potatoes, sweet potatoes, kombu, carrots, onions, leeks, celery, garlic, parsley, corn kernels, bay leaves, water and sea salt. Additional ingredients to the classic vegetable soup turn the mineral soup into a nutrient-rich food drink.

What are the benefits of mineral soup?

“Drinking mineral water is like giving your body an internal spa treatment,” says Katz. Each ingredient provides numerous nutrients. Leeks and sweet potatoes make the soup rich in magnesium, which is essential for bone health, better digestion and preventing muscle cramps and headaches. Both sweet potatoes and red potatoes are important sources of potassium, which helps reduce blood pressure and proper muscle function.

Carrots also provide vitamin C, which has the ability to strengthen the immune system. Onions are a source of antioxidants, but also of folic acid. Last but not least, kombu has the property of supporting the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and at the same time could have anticancer effects.

How to make mineral soup

The nutritionist says that the mineral soup is very simple to make. All you have to do is chop the vegetables into large chunks and boil them in a sufficient amount of water, as you would a regular soup. The only difference is that you have to boil it for about two hours. Then drain the soup and discard the cooked vegetables.

Besides the fact that you can drink it as a normal moisturizer, you can also use it as a base for other soups.

The advantage is that the healthier this soup is, the tastier it is. “There is a preconceived notion that healthy food tastes awful. But this soup proves that such a theory is completely wrong,” says the nutritionist.

Mineral soup is not recommended for people who have kidney problems, especially those dealing with kidney stones. In this case, any additional mineral intake could have a negative effect.

I talk too much about the plants in my garden, I love people who love animals and I love to write about everything new in beauty and fashion

I talk too much about the plants in my garden, I love people who love animals and I love to write about everything new in beauty and fashion

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