Wrap Your Breasts in Cabbage Leaves and Wait for 1 Hour (YOU’D Wish YoU Knew This EarLiER!)

Cabbage leaves are used to reduce breast tumors and relieve pain and discomfort associated with breastfeeding. This method is very helpful in relieving the pain and stress caused by wearing an uncomfortable bra. According to experts, cabbage leaves have the same properties as a magnet that removes all diseases and disorders from our body. This means that if you are breastfeeding, applying cold cabbage leaves directly to your breasts will not only soothe them, but also reduce breast pain and swelling.


Put the cabbage in the refrigerator for 1 hour. When it’s cold enough, peel off the outer layer of leaves and discard. To use, pull out the two inner leaves.

Wash these two inner leaves with cold water.

Note: make sure they are clean, free of dirt, pesticides, and residue.

Cut the stem of the leaf to fit the nipple without covering the nipple. Place clean, cold cabbage leaves on your breasts.

Now you need to wrap the leaf around the breast, but leave the nipple exposed.

Keeping nipple leaves away will help keep the skin around your nipples dry and intact.

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